To sign up or not to sign up: Why join a sports club or society?

Here are all the reasons why you should sign up for both a sports club and a society - whilst things may be a little different at the at the beginning of this year, there’s still plenty to get excited about!


Before you arrive at University, you hear these buzzwords being thrown about like Shakespearean myths. You don’t really know what they’re all about, but you know they’re a big deal. Cases in point: the 150 societies and sports clubs on offer at UWE Bristol. What’s a society? Can I make my own sports club if what I enjoy isn’t on offer? Who the heck knows?!

So, here are all the reasons why you should sign up for both a sports club and a society - and whilst things may be a little different at the beginning of this year, there’s still plenty to get excited about:  

Sports Clubs 

Sport doesn't just mean competition anymore: it means FUN 

At UWE Bristol, sport finally doesn’t just mean competition: it means fun! Join UWE Dance just because you fancy a boogie; join Basketball because bouncing a ball down a court is rather fun. All levels of ability are more than welcome here.

Sport doesn't mean just traditional activities - there's a whole load of quirky and crazy sporting opportunities for you 

Forget football and rugby – we’re talking Sub Aqua, Sailing, Ultimate Frisbee and Windsurf. Never thought you’d have a chance to try out these sports? Well now you can. So put yourself out of your comfort zone and embrace every opportunity at UWE Bristol.

Don't like what you see? You can start your own club 

Yes, really. You can! If there’s a sport that lights a fire within you that you don’t see on our sports club list, we can help you start your own. If this sounds like something you’d like to do, please email and we’ll make your sporting dream a reality!

It's a chance to get competitive in leagues if you fancy it

For your health and safety, we’ve postponed all leagues in line with Government Coronavirus advice. The BUCS league is looking to begin running again from January 2021, which will see teams competing against Universities across the UK! Locally, you can look forward to some friendlies between Bath and Bristol Universities as soon as it is safe to do so.

You can make friendships that last long after you leave the pitch 

There’s nothing like a tense match to solidify friendships, and with your time in a sports club at UWE Bristol, you’ll make many lifelong pals. University is about so much, but one of the main vital things you’ll come away with at the end of your time will be all the wonderful friendships.


You can get yourself a side hustle that lights a passion outside of your degree subject 

Studying Engineering but really have a passion for journalism? Try writing for HUB Magazine. Taking Psychology for your degree but like getting arty in your spare time? Join the UWE Art Society. We’re multi-faceted people, and we like a side hustle. Joining a society means you can keep your passions going even when you’re studying a degree in a different subject.

You can make invaluable contacts amongst your peers 

If we’ve got our career hat on, societies are invaluable experiences. These peers you meet might help you later on in life, recommending you to an employer or even giving you a job. We don’t want to sound too calculated here, but networking is key, students!

It's just proper good fun with some great pals 

Again, just like sports clubs, societies bond friendships for life. When you share the same passions, it’s hard not to be friends. Societies offer so much fun in that they let you explore common goals, but they also are famed for hosting cracking social events, too.

It's often the chance to just get a little silly 

Bad Movie society, anyone? Want to head to Bar School to learn how to make a delicious cocktail or mocktail? Want in on the Quidditch society in your spare time? Life’s too short not to have a little fun, and societies are the perfect way to let your hair down after a day of studying.

It might ignite the career passion you didn't know you had 

Joining a society could just be transformative for you. We’re not making lofty claims, here – there have been many students over the years that found their true passion beyond their degree subject, within societies themselves. If you’re taking a broad degree, with many career pathways available, it can be a great opportunity to trial out the pathways that you’re interested in, before you enter the big, bad world after graduation.

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