Your University packing list for 2022

We’re entering the 22/23 academic year. To help with your move, we’ve compiled your ultimate 2021 University packing list so you can be all set to live it up at UWE Bristol!


We’re entering the 22/23 academic year! It can be a little confusing to pack at the best of times – the struggle is real when choosing between bringing your entire wardrobe/Xbox game collection whilst trying to leave space in your uni room for you to sleep in. To help with your move, we’ve compiled your ultimate University packing list so you can be all set to live it up at UWE Bristol:


Room personalisations 

It's important to ensure the space you’re living in fills you with joy. Whether it’s polaroids of family and friends, plants, posters or fairy lights, whatever makes your space content for you, grab a nik nak or ten.


These are always a good shout for University life. Flat floors are never the cleanest – plus, it’s an extra item of cosiness for those early mornings.

Your wardrobe picks - plus, comfort is key 

Balance is key when working out what clothing to bring to University. Ensure you’ve got a mix of professional outfits for any job interviews or meetings with lecturers, some dressier outfits for those nights out and a lot of comfy clothing for those stay-at-home days.

Bedding essentials 

Staying inside means your bed is your haven – so make it so. Colourful duvets that bring you joy, comfy pillows and many cushions are key.

Washing essentials 

It’s important to keep clothes clean so bring lots of washing detergent, coat hangers, a washing basket and a clothes horse, and you’ll get yourself into healthy washing habits in no time.


Chargers are essential in the 21st century, a dead phone battery can be equated to a worst nightmare.

Noise-cancelling headphones 

You may choose to study at home rather than in the library, so noise-cancelling headphones, or standard headphones of any kind, will help when trying to block out noisy flatmates, getting some peace, cracking on with studying and, yes, listening to whale music. Standard.

All your kitchen essentials - even the things you might be tempted to share 

It can be a good idea to keep your utensils, cutlery and plates separate from your flatmates’ for cleanliness. Often, students share random utensils such as pizza cutters, chopping boards, tea towels and oven gloves, but if you have any lying around at home or can afford to purchase them, now might be a good time to get your own, hands-off-my-spatula utensils.

Items for your downtime 

It’s essential to keep ourselves entertained, bring along fun items like speakers, your Netflix password and any items to carry out your hobbies so you can have a cracking time inside.

NHS Number; National Insurance Number; etc. 

These formalities are good to keep in your room for when signing up for a doctor’s surgery and other important services.

Your course reading list, a diary and your laptop 

You literally won’t be able to carry out your degree without your reading list and some form of internet connection –  keeping on track of assignments with a diary is a good call.

Long-shelf-life ingredients

These are always easy student staples – plus, they’re handy in case isolation becomes a thing. Cooking oil, eggs, margarine, pasta, pot noodles – the staple student diet.

Plenty of cleaning essentials 

This is one thing that students often overlook (who wants to clean when there’s more fun to be had?) but bringing plenty of anti-bacterial wipes and spray, bleach, Cif products, washing up liquid and more will get you in the habit of wiping down surfaces daily and keeping pesky germs away.

Desk lamp 

As you’ll spend a lot of time studying and relaxing in your room, a desk lamp is one of those necessities that are often forgotten about, but are so handy in reality.


More time outside, walking, than travelling on public transport is both environment and health-friendly - but remember UK weather doesn’t always come through on the sunshine front. Prep for all weathers by bringing a trusty umbrella.


These are great to boost your immune system.

Basic first aid kit 

Blister plasters, paracetamol, the lot.

Sustainable-first toiletries 

Whether it’s investing in a bamboo toothbrush, a shampoo bar or reusable make-up wipes, it’s time to get woke in 2021 and think sustainable-first. Check out our zero waste section of The Students’ Union Shop at Frenchay Campus to restock once you move in.

Alarm clock

When you’re working from your bedroom, the temptation to lie in is strong – but grab one of these, and you’ll keep on track with your routine easily.

Multi-plug extension lead 

A lot of extra time to chill in your room means, most likely, a lot of electrical items to keep you occupied.

Board games and a pack of cards

When it’s preferable to stay in than go out, board and card games are the new cool for student nights in with your flat. Entertainment for all, they’re easy ones to break the ice when you’re getting to know each other.

Clever storage boxes

As you’ll be spending a lot of time in your flat, you want it to be clutter-free, because as they say, tidy room equals a tidy mind. Cleverly storing your life possessions means your room will feel the tranquil haven you want it to be.

Large suitcase 

A large suitcase will do you just fine for those trips home.


In case you catch a power cut. 


If past regular occurrences of freak UK heatwaves are anything to go by, investing in a fan for your room might be a good call.

Yoga mat 

Exercising inside is the new ‘going to the gym’. Bringing any fitness gear that’s easy to use in your uni room is a welcome addition to your packing list.

Picnic blanket or outside chair 

Don’t forget your little camping chair or picnic blanket to make full use of those outside get-togethers.

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