10 reasons why you should attend The Freshers' Fair in 2020

The Students’ Union at UWE is always proud to present The Freshers’ Fair. It’s the culmination of the excitement surrounding Freshers’! And in 2020, it’s now virtual. Here are 10 reasons why you should attend Freshers’ Fair this year!


The Students’ Union at UWE is always proud to present The Freshers’ Fair. It’s the culmination of the excitement surrounding Freshers’. It’s a chance for you to interact with likeminded students, bag some freebies, enter exciting competitions, and find out all about the sports clubs and societies at your fingertips at UWE Bristol. And in 2020, it’s now virtual. Here are 10 reasons why you should attend Freshers’ Fair this year:

There's never been another one like it 

With the challenges 2020 has posed, this year’s Freshers’ Fair is the Freshers’ Fair making history. For the first time ever, the Fair is going virtual, and that means all your favourite parts of the in-person Fair, from the comfort of your own sofa. Grab your popcorn, get your slippers on and get ready!

You can win BIG!

The Students’ Union at UWE doesn’t mess around when it comes to The Freshers’ Fair. Case in point: everyone who signs up to this year’s Freshers’ Fair is automatically entered into a draw to win a GoPro. Just think about the cool footage you can shoot with that free GoPro. You’re sold, aren’t you?

You can nab hefty discounts to spend once you arrive in Bristol 

Cheap as chips Domino’s Pizza anyone? “Yes please,” says everyone. You can grab yourself some hearty discounts to spend in your first term and beyond in Bristol, meaning your money goes further, and you can make the most of first year. There’s nothing worse than wanting to explore Bristol, but not having to money to spend – well, we’re helping you out, here.

You can join the society for you 

Societies are such an integral part of University life. You can join a society that represents a hobby, a social activity, a career passion of yours… The list is endless. Great for making good pals, great for boosting your CV, a society is the thing to join and at The Freshers’ Fair, you’ll get to interact with loads of them and pick the one (or two, or few) for you.

You can join the sports clubs you love 

If you’re a sports person, get excited. The Freshers’ Fair is the place to be to meet all the clubs you can join. From beginners’ level, social sports, competitive and even professional, there is a club for every kind of sport that meets your ability and needs. You can even try something new that you’ve never thought possible. Quidditch, anyone? If you don’t fancy a spot of Quidditch, there must be something RON with you (geddit?).

It's just EXCITING! 

A lot of excitement surrounds the week leading up to Freshers’ Fair – and for good reason. It’s our biggest event of the year, it takes a lot of time and effort behind-the-scenes at The Students’ Union at UWE, and staff are just as excited as students to see it come to life. Get excited, pronto.

It's a chance to make friendships that'll last your degree and beyond 

At our virtual Freshers’ Fair this year, you will have the opportunity to create chats and interact with fellow students outside of your flat. One of the best things about first year is that the world (aka other students) is your oyster: you can meet so many people, in halls, on your course, through societies or sports clubs or even just through common interests and a lot of these friendships will be carried into life after University – how sweet.

You can make it as social as you want 

Want to ease yourself into University life and figure out what The Students’ Union at UWE is all about without the noise of others interrupting your day? No problem, tune into The Freshers’ Fair from the comfort of your own home. Fancy making it a flat occasion? Plug your laptop into the TV using an HDMI cable, and you’ll be able to explore the Freshers’ Fair together! Make this year’s Freshers’ Fair the Freshers’ Fair you want it to be.

It's a quintessential Fresher experience 

If you didn’t go to The Freshers’ Fair, did you even go to University? Freshers is that quintessential a University experience – you’ve got to sign up. It’s what really kicks off your year at UWE Bristol.

It's your must-not-miss introduction to life at UWE Bristol 

Unsure about any aspect of University life? How you can fit societies in around your studying? What leagues a sports club plays in? What events or relaxing spaces The Students’ Union at UWE offers you on your lunch break? How The Students’ Union can support you throughout each year at UWE Bristol? Sign up to the Freshers’ Fair: all your must-ask questions will be answered.

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