10 ways to enjoy freshers without the hangover!

We are bombarded with images in the media showing students drinking alcohol all the time, but only 9% of students report getting intentionally drunk more than once a week.


Don't be misled by the media

We are bombarded with images in the media showing students drinking alcohol all the time, but only 9% of students report getting intentionally drunk more than once a week.


Know your units

Did you know a medium glass of wine has more units than a bottle of beer, and a single vodka and mixer has fewer units than a pint of cider? Opt for lower unit drinks and wake up feeling fresher in the morning. Check the side of your bottle, or visit DrinkAware for useful info.


Plan alternative activities

Don't miss out on freshers period because you were in bed with a hangover! Plan some alternative activities - from exploring your new city to joining a yoga class or getting involved in a quiz, you are more likely to bond with someone sober than you are drunk! Check out what activities we have lined up and also UWE Bristol.


Be confident in saying no

If you have had enough or don't want to drink at all, be confident in saying no or have a pre-planned excuse at your finger tips: "I’ve got to get up early" or "I’m still recovering from last night". If you are drinking, don't pressurise people into drinking more, this will not make you friends.


Leave some drink in the bottom of the glass

Feeling pressure to drink more than you want to? Leave some drink in the bottom of your glass and when your friends are on their next round reply "I'll just finish this and then get another". Remember it's not a race, drink at your own pace. 67% of students agree that pacing themselves allowed them to have a better night out.


Drink soft drinks or alcohol free alternatives

In recent years, alcohol free alternatives and soft drinks have soared in popularity, and gone are the days where the only other option was cola or juice. If you're drinking alcohol, throw in some soft drinks to keep hydrated. Feeling the pressure to drink? Choose a drink that looks like alcohol, no-one will be any the wiser!


Eating isn't cheating

Time to try out your cooking skills! Food slows down the absorption of alcohol and stops it going to your head too quickly. If you are drinking with friends, why not share a meal or a take-away before you start your night? 83% of students say they make sure they eat before or when drinking.


Leave alcohol out of sight

Ever noticed that when that bottle of wine sits on the table, it seems to disappear quicker? Leave your wine bottle or cans of beer in the fridge or the kitchen. Walking to the kitchen to get your next drink will help you pace your drinking out.


Buy the amount you intend to drink

Drinking at home? Only buy the amount of alcohol you intend to drink and don't get caught out by special offers. You might intend to save some for another night, but once you have had a few, it might be too tempting to crack open that drink you were saving for later in the week.


Know your limits!

Everyone copes with alcohol differently, so why try and keep up with your friends? Save face (and money) by knowing your limits and sticking to them. Turning down a drink is much less embarrassing than throwing one up! 74% of students agree that they don't like socialising with people who get drunk and ruin the night for others.


If you are worried about your alcohol use, please speak speak to us and we will work to support you. Stay safe and have an amazing freshers period that you will remember!