71 Bus Update

First Bus has cut short the essential 71 bus route, which linked Frenchay and Bower Ashton campuses. Currently, no buses run to Bower Ashton campus and The Presidents of The Students’ Union at UWE are united in providing key services to all students – of which transport is key. We are now calling for immediate action.


We, the Presidents of The Students’ Union at UWE believe that all students deserve parity of service and accessibility for all. Safe, reliable, efficient transport is vital for students and, for all Bower Ashton students, this is currently being denied.

This bus route is needed for many reasons:

  • Supporting those with accessibility requirements to have clear routes to and from campus.
  • Maintaining student health and safety – especially in winter months and late at night.
  • Attending lectures and campus work shifts – especially at peak times.
  • Removing the variables of changing buses at different bus stops across the city.
  • Transporting cumbersome art/drama/film equipment necessary for courses.
  • Buying bus passes with confidence.
  • Uniting UWE campuses and students with strong transport links.
  • Setting up for future campus growth with connection at the core.

We are calling on First Bus to bring back this essential element to student life at UWE Bristol.

We would like to know what you think, fill out our survey below on the 71 bus route:


For the time being, students can make their way to Bower Ashton campus via bike. See our video to find some of the main routes to campus. Students can also use bus services from Bristol Bus Station (to campus, Clanage Road; from campus, Blackmoors Lane).

We understand that these bus routes are not inclusive for all students and need this situation fixed as a matter of urgency.