Alternative New Years Resolutions


Alternative New Year’s resolutions

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

So we are half way through January, how are those New Year’s resolutions going?!  We know there can be lots of pressure to set resolutions and it can feel overwhelming to stick to them. We are here to tell you- it doesn’t need to be complicated! Traditional resolutions are soooo 2022, they can be restrictive and imposing, and particularly when you’re aiming so high it can make it even harder to stick to them, so instead of committing yourself to a crazy new workout routine or learning 5 languages, rethink those resolutions and try something more realistic!

Here are our best ideas for realistic and sustainable goals you can work towards this year:

Get on board with Veganuary- Research suggests it takes just 15 days to form a habit- which means you still have enough time to get started this month! Whether it’s visiting the fabulous vegan offering available in Bristol (check out our favourites here), trying meat free Mondays in your house or swapping to plant based milk in your cereal or hot drinks are super easy and low effort changes you can make! Our Students’ Union catering outlets now offer plant milk alternatives at no extra cost and have a growing range of vegan options. A brand new plant-based café just opened on campus too- Wild Kitchen offers delicious fully plant based meals and snacks that are super tasty!

Boycott Amazon- lots of the items you regularly buy on Amazon, can be purchased from independent and small businesses! Instead of defaulting to Amazon next time you need something, see if you can purchase it elsewhere, often you might even find these items at a better price elsewhere!

Start your zero waste journey- Did you know you can buy all your usual dry goods, toiletries and more without the single use plastic? Our very own zero waste shop at Frenchay is well stocked with rice, pasta, grains, snacks and liquid items like hand soap and laundry detergents, plus a wide range or toiletries.

Have a plastic free period- Our shop stocks a wide selection of plastic free period products which are better for the environment and for your body. On average, when a person menstruates it creates carbon footprint of 5.3kg CO2 equivalent. If you’re interested in plastic free products, check out our FREE period product stalls.

Second hand savvy- January is often a time where we sort out our wardrobes, do you horde ill-fitting clothes ‘just in case’?! We are firm believers in not holding onto clothes for no reason, particularly when they don’t fit, so bring them along to our swap shop, where you can find amazing items and rejuvenate your wardrobe, for free!

Go on a sustainability learning journey- Do you fully understand what sustainability is in all its breadth? Our friends at One Planet Matters have created a bespoke training course- you could start your journey of learning by dipping into environmental and social responsibility. This course is totally passive and you can do it in your own time, no deadlines we promise!


We hope this has given you some food for thought, if you want more ideas of alternative resolutions, check out our beautifully illustrated Sustainable Living Guide, you can pick up a copy from any of our campus sites. If you tag us on Instagram: su_uwegreenteam between now and the end of Feb using the hashtag #greenteamresolutions you’ll be entered into our prize draw- we’ll pick a winner each week at random from your submissions.