Award-winning status for hedgehogs on campus

Hedgehogs can rest easy!

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We have achieved an award-winning status for hedgehogs on campus thanks to the hard work and dedication of students and staff both at UWE Bristol and The Students’ Union at UWE.

After securing bronze and silver awards in previous years, we have now been awarded a gold Hedgehog Friendly Campus Award from the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS). We are one of only thirteen universities to be awarded the gold status for the year 2022. The judges said they were "blown away by the fantastic, strong legacy work" and suggested sharing the work with other universities as good practice.


Evan, the President of The Students’ Union said:

"We've done it! I'm so proud that our students can be surrounded by life-affirming ecosystems whilst studying at UWE Bristol. Being friendly for hedgehogs means friendliness for all manner of wildlife, and as such also of great benefit to the UWE community and its wellbeing"

Faith, Sustainability Coordinator at The Students’ Union said:

“It’s great to see that the work we have done to create a safe space for hedgehogs on campus has really paid off, especially as hedgehogs are classified as vulnerable to extinction. We have created hedgehog houses, wildflower areas, log pile shelters, and hedgehog escape routes out of ponds. UWE students and the UWE Grounds Team have been instrumental to making this happen and we are so proud of the hard work.”

UWE Bristol’s climate action plan had initially intended to achieve the gold award in 2026, but due to the enthusiasm and passion of students and staff, we worked hard with the university to make this happen sooner. We are so pleased that the award was achieved four years earlier than was initially planned, and the Grounds Team at UWE played a crucial role in making this happen. [HS1] 

Vanique, UWE student and part-time Sustainability Officer at The Students’ Union said:

“It has been such an honour to see UWE Bristol go from strength to strength in the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Campaign. The hard work put in by the team to ensure all our campuses and the surrounding areas is a safe space for hedgehogs are exemplary. We have such dedication from everyone involved to make sure the spaces on our campuses are hedgehog friendly and the “Hedgehog Escape Ramp” at The South Entrance, makes me smile each and every time I see it! So proud of UWE Bristol and The Students’ Union at UWE who made this possible by working together to better our community.”

How can you get involved with initiatives like this?

  • Arrange your own litter pick (with other students or friends, with staff members, or with your society or sports club) we have all the litter pick equipment for you to borrow from The Students’ Union Reception (Frenchay, Union 1). Just pop in and ask or email to let us know if you’d like to borrow it!
  • Join the WhatsApp chat here to keep up to date with all the latest news about biodiversity and wildlife initiatives on campus. “Beeline Champions is a group for UWE students and staff to find out more about the amazing opportunities to influence and enhance the local environment both on and off-campus. Improve the biodiversity and air quality of our campuses through the green walls project, help wildlife flourish by assisting our Hedgehog Friendly Campus campaign, join the grounds team in expanding the Beeline on and off-campus or simply join in with our community garden sessions, meet great people, eat cake and drink tea!”
  • Follow the Green Team on Instagram here for all things related to sustainability at UWE and beyond.

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