Bristol Big Give 2022

Donate your unwanted things!

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Are you leaving your University accommodation for the summer? Or are you in a decluttering mood and want to give your personal space a big clear out? 

The Bristol Big Give campaign is run every year by the Bristol Student Community Partnership, which is a collaboration between UWE Bristol and the University of Bristol from April to September.

Its aim is to encourage students to donate any unwanted items before moving out of accommodation, promoting reusing, and recycling and preventing landfill. The campaign then distributes these items to the British Heart Foundation as well as other local charities.

Last year, students in the UK diverted the equivalent weight of 142 double-decker buses from landfill! Not only is this incredible, but the whole campaign also aims to raise general awareness of the importance of recycling and responsible waste management. It also makes moving out a LOT easier and more efficient for you.

All sorts of items can be donated – think kitchenware, homeware, clothing, shoes, books, sports equipment, and more.

You cannot donate:

  • Pillows and duvets,
  • Broken or dirty items,
  • Knives or hangers,
  • Helmets and bikes, or
  • Food.

You can also drop off items to one of the donation bins on campus, a British Heart Foundation shop or organise a free collection here.

Find your nearest donation points here.

Donation bin locations

UWE Frenchay Locations:
Wallscourt Park
Brecon Court
Cotswold Court
Mendip Court
Quantock Court
The Nursery

The Students’ Union

South Entrance

UWE Glenside Locations:
The rear of Accommodation Blocks
The Hollies

The Students’ Union at Glenside


Bower Ashton
The Students’ Union Café

There are donation bins located outside UNITE Student city centre accommodation and on Gloucester Road and Filton Avenue.


Please check the opening times of these buildings before travelling.