Bristol Nights

We're getting together as a city to spread the word about how to have a great night out.


We're getting together as a city to spread the word about how to have a great night out. 

Check in with your friends. If they look like they’re struggling, it’s time to act. Make sure you all get home safe, share your location and look after one another.


Inappropriate behaviour, especially when it comes from your mates, needs to be called out. Be an active bystander; make sure your friends know what they’re doing isn’t OK.

Put yourself in their shoes. They don’t want you to tell them they’re fit. If someone tells you they’re not interested, they’re not playing hard to get. And remember everyone’s allowed to change their mind.


Our differences are what makes Bristol such a brilliant place. So regardless of how someone dresses, how they speak, what they look like, who they date or how they dance, leave them to it.

Don’t be tempted to sit by the harbourside at night. Keep away from the edge and be extra careful near the water. Coldwater shock makes getting out of the harbour even harder when you are intoxicated.

Understanding the effects and risks of alcohol and other drugs is so important. Read up; pace yourself; and remember it's OK to say no. The best nights are the ones you can remember.


Welcome to Bristol, we love our night life here and to keep each other and ourselves as safe and comfortable when we go out.  We asked some previous UWE Bristol and University of Bristol students for their top dos and dont's of a night out.

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