Bust the Myths About Alcohol and Drugs

Bust the Myths About Alcohol and Drugs.



Thanks to SOS-UK for this guest blog.

Beer before wine or wine before beer?

False: It is the amount of alcohol you consume that will affect how you feel, rather than the specific order of drinks

Coffee and water will sober me up at the end of the night

False: The only thing that will sober you up is simply giving it time to get out of your system. Water will help with the hangover the next day though so grab a glass before bed.


Students at university get drunk all of the time

False: Whilst some students choose to get drunk on occasions, only 9% of students intentionally get drunk more than once a week and a further 25% choose to not drink at all.


I am worried about my drug use but can’t seek support from my university because I will be punished

False: UWE Bristol have a harm reduction policy, this means offering students support, advice and information for those who choose to use drugs. Contact the Wellbeing Service for support.

If you feel that you are no longer happy with your use or if the negative impacts are outweighing the positives, you can get support to make changes.


Putting an extra shot in my friends drink is just a bit of fun

False: Putting extra alcohol in your friend's drink without their knowledge is an example of spiking and can have serious consequences for you and your friend. Just enjoy the night and leave them to choose how much they drink.


Cannabis helps with comedowns

False: Cannabis can worsen comedowns by increasing your anxiety. If you go to bed high on cannabis, the quality of your sleep will decrease.

Cocaine and alcohol cancel each other out

False: when you mix cocaine and alcohol, your body produces cocaethylene. This product is stronger than both cocaine and alcohol, and increases the risk of sudden death. Always check the interactions between the drugs you're mixing.


My friend has passed out, they just need to sleep it off & deal with the hangover tomorrow

False: They could be suffering from alcohol poisoning, know the signs, get help and save a life!