Candidate announcement March 2023

Find out who is running to be the next President and International Students' Officer of The Students' Union. Voting takes place March 6-9.

The Leadership Race 2023, You Decide The Leadership Race 2023, You Decide

The Leadership Race March 2023 is upon us. The next couple of weeks will see candidates for thirteen elected positions going out and speaking to students and trying to get their votes. Candidates are only allowed to start campaigning from Sunday 5 March 12:00 Noon.

Each weekday we will be announcing the candidates for one Full Time Presidents paid role and one or more Part Time Officer voluntary roles.


Online Voting times

Voting will open Monday 6 March 10:00

Voting will close Thursday 9 March 22:00


In Person Voting times

This year we are having a number of polling stations across the three campuses enabling students to vote for each of the roles in person. If you are planning on doing this you will need to have your ID available, we will not be accepting ID numbers without the card. (all details accurate at time of publishing)

10:00-16:00 Monday-Thursday

A block on the stage near The Students' Union cafe (Bower Ashton)

In the Students' Union (Glenside)

Near U Block (Frenchay)

Near the Metro Bus stop in the Travel Centre porta cabin (Frenchay)


Results will be announced Friday 10 March from 19:00 in Union 2 and on The Students’ Union social media.


Planting a tree for each voter

For every student who votes in The Leadership Race March 2023 we will work with TreeSisters a Bristol based charity to plant one tree. This year we are aiming to plant 5000 trees so make sure you vote and we’ll get those trees planted.

To view the other candidate announcements click on the links below;


Day 2 Vice President Community and Welfare, Disabled Students' Officer.

Day 3 Vice President Sports and Health, Democratic Procedures Officer.

Day 4 Vice President Education, City Campus Officer, Glenside Campus Officer.

Day 5 Vice President Societeis and Communication, Men's Welfare Officer, Women's Welfare Officer, Sustainability Officer.


Candidates for President

Asad Zerif Awan




Asad Zarif Awan


View manifesto here




Kathryn Baker



Kathryn Baker

Fair Futures

Manifesto not submitted prior to deadline





Kiana Eskandani




Kiana Eskandani


View manifesto here









View manifesto here










Be The Change

View manifesto here




Viljo Wilding




Viljo Wilding

Working for yoUWE!

View manifesto here





Candidates for International Students’ Officer

No suitable photos were submitted from candidates for the International Students' Officer and only one candidate submitted a manifesto before the dealine.



Sakshi Patel View manifesto here


Re Open Nomination (RON)

Re Open Nominations (RON) stands in each of our elections, if you are not happy voting for a candidate you can vote for RON. If RON wins the election then The Students’ Union will start the elections process for that position over, opening up nominations again.


View all Candidates

As a student you can see all of the candidates for each election if you log into The Students’ Union website and go to the elections page here you can see the manifesto and photos of the candidates that have submitted them before the deadline.


Please note candidates may be withdrawn from the election if they have not received an elections rules briefing prior to the deadline, some candidates have not had this so may be withdrawn.


If you would like to know more about The Students’ Union elections or if you have any questions about The Leadership Race please contact