Around 80% of students in the UK want their university to be doing more on sustainability?

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This year a fantastic 273 UWE Bristol students took part in the NUS Sustainability Skills Survey to let us know your priorities, attitudes, and interests. We’re now gearing up to take your responses on board and create positive change at UWE Bristol. So, what do UWE students think about sustainability? Here’s some of the highlights from the survey:

  • 89% of UWE students think that sustainable development is something Universities should actively incorporate and promote
  • 88% of you think all University courses should actively incorporate sustainable development
  • 81% of respondents agree that Universities should be obliged to develop students’ social and environmental skills as part of their degree courses
  • 80% of you would take a £1000 lower salary in an organisation with a strong environmental and social record (with 82% of you telling us a good starting salary in your job after Uni being important to you.)
  • 67% of students agree UWE acts to limit the effect it has on the environment and 64% think the same of their Students’ Union. It is clear the partnership has more to do to make you aware of our 2030 targets.

73% of respondents would like to learn more about sustainable development. If you’d like to get involved with sustainability at the Students’ Union at UWE please see our Green Team page.

If you’re interested in more findings about students’ attitudes surrounding sustainability please see the results of previous surveys.

You can find out more about sustainability at UWE Bristol here