Financial Education at UWE Bristol

Do you want to learn more about managing your personal finance? Do money problems affect your studies? If yes, do you know what support is available?


Do you want to learn more about managing your personal finance? Do money problems affect your studies? If yes, do you know what support is available?

The Student Money Service at UWE Bristol provides students with a variety of channels to enhance their money skills.  Our goal is to boost students’ financial capability and help them gain the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage their finances throughout their time at university and beyond.

Financial Capability Module

Twice a year students can sign up for a series of three workshops to develop essential money skills and get confident about their finances.  The Financial Capability Module blends the practical with the theoretical and introduces students to multiple subjects in the world of personal finance. The FC Module is part of the UWE Bristol Futures Award and all UWE Bristol students are welcome to attend. Each workshop finishes with a quiz and the opportunity to win prizes. The Financial Capability module won the National Association of Student Money Advisers Award 2018.

Next module starts on the 6 November 2019 and you can book your place through Infohub.

Blackbullion online resources

All UWE Bristol students have FREE access to Blackbullion financial education resources.

Blackbullion is an online platform where you can learn about personal finance at your own leisure through animated videos, quizzes and tools such as budgeting and loan repayment calculators. Over 2500 UWE students have already registered with Blackbullion.

You can register with Blackbullion using your UWE Bristol email address.

Financial Health Check appointments

Students also have the option of booking a one to one appointment with an Adviser. During the appointment, we look into maximising your income and creating a personal budget, which helps you manage your money throughout the year.

These appointments are available either face to face or over the telephone to all UWE Bristol students. You can book appointments through Info Point or by filling the Infohub form.

The Student Money Service website has comprehensive and up-to-date information where you can find answers to most of your finance-related enquiries.

If your question isn't answered by the website, please complete InfoHub enquiry form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have run out of money/ I am unable to work due to health problems/ a disability; is there any help available?

A. Students can apply for funding from UWE. The Short Term Loan and Student Support Funds can be applied for here (eligibility criteria apply).

Q. I am worried about money/ need help with budgeting/ want to learn more about personal finance. 

A. You can use Blackbullion online resources, book a place on the Financial Capability Module or request a Financial Health Check appointment by completing an online InfoHub enquiry form.

Q. I am estranged from my family/ I am a carer/ I am a care leaver. What support is available?

A. Students may be entitled to pastoral and financial support, contact to check eligibility. More details here.

Q. What are the financial implications of withdrawing/ suspending/transferring or repeating my studies?

A. Details here, for further information about personal circumstances, book an appointment with a Money Adviser through Infohub.

Q. I am going on the placement, what funding will I be able to get?

A. Tuition fees charges and Student Finance payments will be reduced. Further details here. For further information about personal circumstances request an appointment with a Money Adviser by completing an online InfoHub enquiry form.

Q. I have retakes over summer and cannot work. Is there any help available to me?

A. Students can apply for the Summer Fund (open from late June). Apply here.

Q. My student loan has been delayed, what do I do?

A. Students can refer to the online guidance here and can assess a short term loan if necessary.

Q. I am an international student; can I apply for the emergency fund?

A. Funds are limited and eligibility criteria apply, students need to refer to the online guidance here for Emergency Fund.