Here are 20 of Bristol's most Instagrammable locations

It’s no secret that Bristol is an Instagrammable city. But what is a secret is exactly which locations are your definitive must-snap-away-at locations. So, here’s our list of all the best places to go in the city to get snap-happy with your phone camera to document the best memories of your year in Bristol!


It’s no secret that Bristol is an Instagrammable city. But what is a secret is exactly which locations are your definitive must-snap-away-at locations. Every twist and turn in this city produces aesthetically-pleasing joys for the eye – and so it’s good to know exactly where to hit up first. So, here’s our list of all the best places to go in the city to get snap-happy with your phone camera to document the best memories of your first year in Bristol:

The Florist

Did you even go out for dinner, cocktails or mocktails if you didn’t post at least one boomerang to your Instagram story? The answer, we obviously know, is no – and The Florist restaurant on Park Street offers up the perfect backdrop to capture memories. As suggested in the name, its flower wall and neon signage will give you not only inspiration for your university flat, but a chance to get that all-important Insta. All whilst eating some incredible food.

The pastel houses throughout the city 

So pretty they could be on a postcard (and most certainly are in every single Bristolian gift shop) there are some beautiful colourful houses across the city. It’s a Bristolian tradition: attributed to the city’s liberal and creative values and tight terraced houses that were painted to differentiate from neighbours’ homes. It’s been this way for years – and just as well, because it’s prime time Instagram content. Explore the colourful streets leaving Whiteladies Road in Clifton, or head up to Cliftonwood Crescent to get a snap of the picture postcard harbour-view houses.

Clifton Suspension Bridge 

No persuading is needed when justifying for the Suspension Bridge’s Insta-worthiness. It’s one of Bristol’s most iconic sights, was created by Isambard Kingdom Brunel (quite the local celebrity) centuries ago and sits at a dizzying 75 metres above ground level. Get a pic from the bridge itself, from the adorable houses that overlook the Gorge, or from the Clifton Observatory that overlooks the panoramic views of Bristol and beyond. The Insta-possibilities are endless.

The Harbourside 

The focal point of Bristol city centre, the harbour has not only a historic past, but a vibrant present. It’s where a lot of the hustle and bustle is centred – and that’s just the seagulls – and a stroll around the harbour presents many Instagrammable locations. Whether it’s the views up at the hills of the houses, the sunshine sparkling on the water, the many boats that bob in the harbour or the kooky restaurants and cafés that line the water’s edge, you’d be silly to miss out on this one.

Stoke Park Estate 

We might be biased, here, as Stoke Park Estate is just a short stroll from the lovely Frenchay Campus - but it is truly beautiful. Composed of 108 hectares of land, this idyllic breathing space from the bustle of the city is characterised by the bright yellow Dower House, a historic castle-like mansion with aristocratic past and used previously as a hospital to treat the mentally unwell, so it has a rich history of helping the people of Bristol. Snap a pic here and you can learn more about Bristol’s past and get some likes in the process.

The Christmas Steps 

Described by many as a Diagon Alley-like magical steep street, for you Harry Potter fans and haters alike, it’s a good one to visit. From its ornate ‘Christmas Steps’ sign and its trailing fairy lights which follow you down the steep staircase, to its beautiful views across the city, this is one for a nonchalant walking candid.

Cabot Tower 

The beautiful, hilly parkland that the famous Cabot Tower sits on encompasses the beauty of this hidden gem. Just off Park Street, you’ll find the tower, its hidden waterfalls, ponds, wildlife and incredible 360 views of the city. The tower is free to climb and offers even greater panoramic views out beyond Bristol. We’d recommend snapping the tower from the angle of the peaceful waterfall: it’s a tried-and-tested shot.

Primrose Café, Clifton Village 

This is one of the beautiful little cafes in the heart of Clifton Village that offers alfresco dining, nearly all year round. Snapping a shot of all the eateries in the sunshine, with customers enjoying everything from coffees and cakes to fry-ups, will have your followers thinking you’re in sunnier climes.

SS Great Britain 

The iconic Bristolian boat is open for customers and whether it’s taking a snap on the boat, inside the boat, outside the boatyard or even a glimpse of the beast from across the river, it’s worth it for the Insta opportunities.

Banksy-hunting across the city 

Yes, Banksy is a Bristolian, too, and it’s something we’re all very proud of. The lucrative artist keeps their identity hidden, but they’re a proud Bristolian, through and through. You can find many iconic Banksy artworks lining the streets in Bristol – and new ones crop up all the time. We’d recommend Park Street and Stokes Croft for some of the most recognisable Banksy shots.

St. Nicholas Market 

An indoor treasure trove of antiques, gifts, vinyl records, second-hand books and more, St. Nicholas Market is perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Its outdoor street food is divine, and its on-street Saturday market attracts crowds all year round. Take a shot of the hustle and bustle or grab a shot of the food market empty and shut up later in the day: the ghostly pic is one that’s done the rounds on the old Instagram.

College Green 

Featuring the iconic Bristol Cathedral – which we believe looks like a mini Notre Dame – College Green is a feast for the Insta-senses. The beautiful Council House overlooks the cathedral and across the road are the Insta-worthy and tummy-worthy favourites of Pizzarova and Mrs. Pott’s Chocolate House, so it’s well positioned for that snap-happy outing.

Leonard Lane 

Situated just off Corn Street in the city centre, Leonard Lane is now Europe’s longest environmental art thoroughfare. Featuring some incredible street art with purpose, there are plenty of pics to be taken here.

St. Michael's Hill 

Found in popular Cotham, this hilly street has those sweet views of the Bristol skyline everyone’s always endeavouring to capture. Sightsee the iconic buildings across the city from the top of this hill – and snap away to your heart’s content. Just maybe don’t walk down the hill if you’re intending to climb back up – that might not be so fun.

Ashton Court 

Neighbours to our lovely City Campus, City students will be familiar with Ashton Court’s beauty. Sitting in 850 acres of parkland, there’s a stunning redbrick mansion and you can deer-spot some beautiful red deer from its grassy parkland. And the view down into Bristol is nothing short of magnificent. 

The White Lion, Clifton Village 

This always-busy, hard-to-get-a-seat-at pub has got to be on every Insta-lover’s hit-list. Sipping a drink with the Avon Gorge and Clifton Suspension Bridge moments away from your seat makes these views worth the wait.  

The Cottage Inn, Bristol city centre 

This woody Victorian inn sits on the harbourside and has views of colourful houses and waterside treats to make everyone jealous. Grab some pub grub and snap away – it’s the perfect afternoon in Bristol.

Oowee Diner, Bedminster 

With a few locations across the city, the original Oowee Diner in Bedminster, on North Street, is the place to hit up. With delicious burgers, shakes, and interiors, grab a pic of a neon sign and a burger to satisfy your Insta-cravings.

Valentine Bridge, Temple Quay 

This twisty, futuristic bridge is a work of art, and sits over the work of art that is the picturesque views of the river and Castle Park. It’s the very bridge that lit up with smoke and pinky-red hues as part of the first ever Bristol Light Festival in February, and it’s worth a ‘gram in all seasons.

The Lido, Clifton 

An outdoor pool and a classy restaurant – what more does the Instagram algorithm want? The Lido is perfect for a dip, a munch and a snap – and you need to ensure you get to do all three. Clifton dining, alfresco.

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