Holocaust Memorial Day Statement 2022


Thursday 27 January marks Holocaust Memorial Day – a day to acknowledge and remember those who suffered in World War II. The date marks the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, the largest Nazi concentration and death camp. We can also use the day to think of the lives of those that have been affected by the genocides in Bosnia, Cambodia, Rwanda, Sudan and many more through recent times.

By paying our respects to the survivors, we should use their experiences to shape how we think and live presently and into the future.

There are groups in the United Kingdom who still face unjust discrimination daily. It is essential that we continue to create a safer environment for everyone to live without fear of discrimination and that’s why inclusivity is one of our core values at The Students’ Union. It is crucial to celebrate the diversity in our students and create a safer and brighter future. We are proud to be a part of a tolerant and multicultural city like Bristol. We must not forget the past and ensure that we work together to create a safer, brighter future.

“It’s crucial we recognise this day, both to remember those lost, and to never forget what was learned. We are committed to being informed on and acting on anti-semitism in the modern day, ensuring all students find UWE Bristol a safe and inclusive space” – Evan Botwood (SU President)

To mark Holocaust Memorial Day, Bristol Jewish Society are hosting a virtual event “The story of survivor Alica Svarin, presented by her daughter Vera Bernstein” and are welcoming UWE Bristol students to join. The event will start at 18:00 Thursday 27 January, you can message @brisjsoc on Instagram to receive the zoom link.