How to combat THAT hangover!

Here are eight essential go-to wonder cures (or near enough) when experiencing that dreaded hangover. Please remember to always drink responsibly- but let's be honest, that hangover happens to all of us from time to time.


Tackling a hangover is no mean feat. We all struggle from time to time- so take this post as your hangover-induced bible. 

Eating ISN'T cheating

You would have heard people warning you against drinking on an empty stomach, and it turns out they are speaking sense. Having a nice greasy meal before drinking will help to line the walls of your stomach, meaning that you’ll be less likely to wake up with a splitting headache. Alternatively, a pint of milk or a shot of olive oil will have the same effect (yum).

Keep hydrated 

Drinking booze can expel up to four times as much water, which is the main cause of those dreaded hangover headaches and a mouth drier than the Sahara. Chugging a glass of water after every couple of alcoholic drinks will make all the difference in the morning! Also, neck a pint of water before bed and keep a drink on your bedside table to get you through until the morning to combat the dreaded hangover.

Don't mix your drinks 

Mixing different types of alcohol never ends well. Pick your poison and stick to it!

Stick to drinks that are light in colour 

Drinks that are darker in colour, such as whisky, dark rum and red wine produce chemicals which make your hangover worse. As much as it’s ‘safer’ to stick to the lighter coloured spirits, always make sure to drink responsibly, as any form of alcohol can leave you feeling a bit rough!

Replace lost salts 

Water will help, but isotonic drinks such as Lucozade work wonders when combatting a hangover. They are designed to replace sugars and salts quickly, so will rehydrate you and give you some energy.

Eat well 

That first bit of food the next day may seem like the worst idea in the world, but it is really important to speed up the road to recovery. The trusty fry-up is always a great choice (you don’t need to tell me twice) as it replaces fatty acids and breaks down the alcohol in your liver. Also, drinking fruit juice helps to give you a sugary kick of energy, as well as getting rid of the toxins in your body and replacing essential minerals that you’ve lost.

Sleep it off 

Going on a night out disturbs your sleep cycle, which is another reason why you feel awful the next day. The only way to correct this is the only way students know how: nap! Stick on some hangover TV, curl up in your duvet and admit defeat.

No more 'hair of the dog' 

Drinking the next day is a risky habit, as you are simply delaying the symptoms of the hangover until it wears off again. Doctors recommend you wait at least 48 hours before drinking alcohol again to give your body time to recover- sometimes, of course, the hangover makes that advice a lot easier to follow.