How to save money on a night out!

This post is for the bargain hunter- or those who are just trying to make that student loan stretch a bit further... Read on for our comprehensive tips list for saving those handy pennies (or more) on a night out!


This post is for the bargan hunters- or those who are just trying to make that student loan stretch a bit further... Read on for our comprehensive tips list for saving those handy pennies (or more) on a night out - and remember, always drink responsibly (for your health and your bank balance): 

Go out on a budget 

This one may seem like an obvious one, but it can be harder than you think. Make sure you know how much you can actually get away with spending before you hit the town. 

Leave your bank card at home 

Take out your cash before the night out and ration your spending. Not only will this stop all those ‘accidental’ VKs, but there won’t be any nasty contactless surprises!

If cash isn't your thing, why not try a prepaid card? 

Banking apps such as Monzo allow you to pre-load the card with cash, which can act as your budget for the night! Also, Monzo allows you to see a summary of your spending, so you can no longer take the ignorance-is-bliss approach to your bank balance. It could just be the shock you need to cut down your spending.

Ditch the taxis 

UWE Bristol has fantastic bus links running 24 hours a day, across all campuses. And, a night bus costs only £2.30! WAY cheaper than a taxi!

Split the journey fare 

Use apps such as Uber as they let you split the fare with your friends. There’s nothing worse than those people who say they’ll “get you a drink in there” and never do. Also, if you ‘accidentally’ blow your cash on VKs you’ve still got a way home!

Rounds waste pounds 

Treating your mates to a round on a night out might seem like a nice thing to do, but it rarely works out fairly and often forces you into buying booze when you might not fancy any more.

Knowledge is power 

We all know that the spontaneous nights out can sometimes be the best, however these nights can be expensive. By knowing where you’re going you can budget for the night ahead. It’s always good to snoop out beforehand which clubs in town are cheaper for drinks and exactly what time entry fees go up. Smart planning, that is!

Make the most of the deals available 

After your pre-drinks, hit the club early. Yes, it may be a little on the empty side, but you will get reduced or even FREE entry, and who doesn’t love a bargain?! So cut your pre-drinks a little short to save a couple of pounds on the door. Alternatively, get your name on the guest list- it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know! If you can be that friend who gets their mates on the guest list, you’ll be the hero of the night.

Remember: some clubs do student discount 

There is no harm in asking when you get to the till to pay your entry if they do anything for students! (And pssst: SWX give students £2 discount on Saturday nights!)

Make "I'm LOYAL, BOO" your night out motto 

Loyalty apps are a saviour. Some clubs have apps where they have deals on entry or drinks. For example, Lola Lo’s on The Triangle has their “Loyal” app where they offer discounts to app holders.

Alternatively, ration your nights out 

There are so many events that it can be a total headache (and wallet-ache) to decide where to go and what to do. You’ll get to know people better on those nights at home doing something you’ve organised yourselves. There’s many a positive to having a quiet night in.