Late Night DID It Right in 2019!

The Late Night Do It Right campaign is designed to make sure that everyone's having fun and safe nights out. Let's take a moment to look at the success of the campaign over Freshers 2019!


You may have seen our yellow-clad ‘angels’ giving out pizza, lollies, condoms and toast during events throughout Welcome Week. We were part of the Late Night Do It Right campaign, designed to make sure that you were having a fun and safe night out that you remember for all of the right reasons. 

We are here to help encourage a healthier and more responsible relationship with alcohol and to tackle problem-drinking among UWE students. This Freshers', one student even remarked when receiving a condom that "safety is sexy!", showing how the campaign is reinforcing positive narratives around nights out. The campaign also works towards our Alcohol Impact accreditation – something that The Students’ Union partners with the University to achieve.

Late Night Do It Right was created in 2014 by Scarlett Oliver, the VP Community and Welfare at the time. The campaign looked similar to how it looks today – for example, the yellow t-shirts, the club nights and the premise remain unchanged. However, the campaign has grown over the last five years.

This year, we donned our yellow t-shirts and joined you at The Students’ Union's Welcome Party and SUesday and also ventured out to Motion for the Motion Welcome Rave. In total, we spoke to over 1,000 students. It was great to see so many of you there!

The biggest hit with you guys was the FREE PIZZA. We teamed up with Domino’s again this year and gave out 600 slices over the two events at The Students’ Union. But if you weren’t lucky enough to find us in time for a slice, we were ‘bready’! We were literally armed with plates of toast. We gave out 400 slices! It wasn’t just free food, though: we were also giving out condoms and charging people’s phones and were there for a chat if people wanted a break from the busy bar atmosphere.

We aren’t just here to support you during a night out, we have also come up with some handy hips and tips to prepare you in advance: 'How to save money on a night out!', 'How to combat THAT hangover' and 'Your pre-drink guide!'. All are vital tips- whether you are in your first year experiencing Freshers' for the first time, or if you’re an experienced third year.

We don’t want to just stop after Freshers'. We are hoping to be at events throughout the year to help you have fun and stay safe.

To find out more on our Late Night Do It Right campaign visit our web pages where you can also find out how you can be involved in the future.