Make a difference with Student Ideas!

Do you have an idea that you think will improve your student experience? Submit an idea through Student Ideas and make a difference during your time at UWE Bristol!


What is Student Ideas?

Student Ideas are one of the ways you can make a difference. They are a way for any student to enact policy change within The Students’ Union. Any student can submit an idea, and if it receives enough votes, it will pass onto the Student Council to be reviewed and then on to the Trustee Board. If the idea is passed at all levels, then The Students’ Union will start work on making your idea a reality.

Does it actually make a difference?

It does! We’ve had some excellent ideas over the last few years, which have been enacted. You asked for better microwave provision, and we delivered across all campuses. You asked for a Women’s Officer, and we now have an annually elected Women’s Welfare Officer. You asked for more unisex bathrooms, and we have delivered. There are many more ideas that have been actioned or are being worked on which you can see here.


What can I do?

The simplest way you can get involved is by submitting your own ideas! Ever wanted to see something added or changed about any aspect of your student experience? Then submit an idea and see it happen - it only takes a few minutes! You can also vote on the new ideas that go up every month to ensure ideas you support gets passed and actioned. If you want to get even further involved, you can look to join the student council or run for an elected position and be on the democratic bodies that pass the ideas and action!