Making your flat a home: Tips to make your uni room more 'you'

Personal space at University is so important. Here are some simple DIY tips to get your student room reflective of your personality!


Personal space at University is so important. Not only from a health and safety perspective (social distancing is good, people) but also from a well-being and relaxation perspective (sometimes it’s good to social distance from reality, too). You’ll be spending a lot of time in your University room this year, so you want it to feel more ‘you’, less last year’s tenants’. Here are some simple DIY tips to get your student room reflective of your personality:

Make the most of student rent-friendly wall decor 

When renting, you’re sadly not allowed to hammer holes in every wall you fancy, so it’s good to know the hacks when it comes to hanging items up in your room. There’s the failsafe of fairy lights, the quirky use of wall tapestries if you hate the colour of your room, and you can hang items such as posters and dream catchers for personality. How to stick them up? Use command hooks or washi tape to ensure marks aren’t left on the wall.

Transform flooring with a rug 

It sounds simple, but add a snazzy rug to the floor and you’ve transformed a room, pronto. From oozing personality, to giving the illusion of more floor space, rugs are great. Also key for comfort under foot, the fluffier the rug, the comfier the bedroom.

Curate your bed space 

Pile your bed with cushions and throws – for ultimate comfort, and to convey exactly who you are. Whether it’s sequinned cushions or comedic ones with your mate’s face on it, load them up on your bed to transform your space.

Add personality with memories 

When you’re all moved in, there will be moments where you miss your family and pals back at home. So, why not print out polaroids of them, or add memories into photo frames? A wall of memories will serve you well throughout the year, and you can add to them with all the incredible memories you’ll be making at UWE Bristol.

Calm your desk space 

If you can, separate your desk from your main bedroom area. Whether this is rearranging furniture to keep the desk to one side, or just as simple as throwing a rug on the floor between your desk and your bed, this will help separate work from rest. On your desk, arrange your space so it’s calming and organised, and add nik naks that make you happy to keep you positive when you’re working. From a funny gift a friend got you, to a memorable quote that brings you all the positive vibes, keep these reminders on your desk to keep you going.

Poke holes in lampshades - yes, really! 

We are indeed encouraging you to destroy your lampshade. Ensure it’s your own and not part of the rented accommodation before you go doing this, but if you own a boring lampshade you want jazzing up, poke some holes in it in a snazzy pattern and then when you turn the lamp on, it will cast beautiful patterns of light throughout your room.

The lean-against-the-wall trick for interiors 

When it’s a struggle to attach items to the wall due to renting restrictions, get clever and start leaning. Leaning mirrors against the wall gives the room a shabby chic vibe we’ve heard is all the rage; a DIY chalk or noticeboard can be leaned against the wall on your desk. Know the power of leaning, people.

Bring the outside in with plants

There are catci, cheese plants, sunflowers, aloe vera… The possibilities are endless with the humble houseplant. The more, the better, we say. If you’re slightly worried you can’t look after yourself properly, let alone a plant child, you can always invest in some fake ones. Your secret’s safe with us.

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