No More Silence – issue 2: Call for contributions

Following the publication and the success of our first issue, we are very pleased to launch a call for contributions for the second issue of our No More Silence Zine. We are looking for creative pieces from students and staff around stories, comments and views on diversity at UWE Bristol and beyond. We have put some further information below on the campaign and how you can get involved.

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What is the No More Silence?

The Zine project 2020/21 showcases uncensored personal accounts of race and inequality, from students and staff at UWE Bristol. If you haven’t seen it yet, download it from the Decolonising the Library webpage.

Why should you contribute?

Through the distribution and exposure of the first issue, we have already received positive feedback from students and staff. One lecturer wrote:

“The Zine offers a valuable insight into the personal experiences of students at UWE.  It has been particularly enlightening to read an essay written by a student studying at the Business School. Reading about their experience has helped me look extra critically at my teaching practices and the theories I introduce. I have since shared the Zine throughout my cluster and it has prompted conversations we may not have had otherwise. I would love to see further issues of the Zine published in the future.”

No More Silence is a platform for you to talk about the themes of diversity, inclusivity and/or decolonisation.

We will offer cash prizes for a total of £1,000 (number of prizes to be decided). We will pick the names at random from the contributors that have made it into the final publication.

*By decolonisation, we mean that it is, at its most basic, the undoing of colonialism, meaning institutionally and individually acknowledging that the impacts of colonialism are prevalent and taking action. Colonisation and resultant white privilege are about structures and power. As a consequence, this has contributed to the awarding gaps between White and Black and Asian Minority Ethnic students. UWE Bristol 2030 Strategy is looking at eradicating the awarding gaps between groups of students. Steve West (2020), Vice-Chancellor, explains that: “for undergraduate students at UWE, getting a 1st or 2:1 degree (good honours) varies with ethnicity, age, disability, and where the student lived before university.

How could you contribute?

The content is not restricted to standard articles but is open to creativity using different forms (e.g. photos, poem, story, illustration, podcast, etc.). Submit your contribution here.

Will I get support?

We, Oluwadamilola Racheal Okeyoyin (VP Education), Ludo Sebire (Faculty Librarian for ACE), and Ian Collins (Partnership Librarian) will be on hand to answer your questions.

Sunday 3 July is the deadline for submissions for the Zine.

If you need to get in touch, please contact.

Ludovik Sebire (Faculty Librarian (ACE):


Oluwadamilola Racheal Okeyoyin:


Ian Collins (UWE Partnerships Librarian):