Open Letter to UWE Careers Service

We believe that it is now time to show climate leadership and commit to Fossil Free Careers


In the last year, UWE has made great progress in environmental sustainability. Students and staff have worked closely together on various measures, including fossil fuel divestment. We, the undersigned, call upon UWE to now take a leading position on climate action and commit to Fossil Free Careers.

As the elected representatives of the UWE student body, we want our university to be the best it can be. To do so, we need the UWE Careers Service to embed sustainability in the heart of its operations and adopt an Ethical Careers Policy which excludes the oil, gas, and mining industry from recruitment opportunities.

These companies cause immense social and environmental damage, and assisting them in recruiting talented students and graduates from UWE to continue their harmful operations contradicts our institution’s values of sustainability. 

We value the impartial one-to-one guidance given to students by the careers service, and this will not be impacted by being more discerning in which industries the careers service promotes through careers fairs, job listings, email lists and similar. 

We believe that it is now time to show climate leadership and commit to Fossil Free Careers, and we know UWE should be at the forefront of that change.


Signed by

Evan Botwood – The Students' Union President 2021-22

Rania Regaieg – The Students' Union President 2022-23

Rahul Aswani – Vice President Community and Welfare 2022-23

Doha Laftimi - Vice President Sports and Health 2022-23

Amber Robards – Sustainability Officer 2022-23