Positive news stories to smile about right now

It’s that time of the week again: we’re on a mission to bring you a big old slice of positivity pie with this week’s positive news stories to smile about! This week, there may even be a couple of stories close to home, as Bristol and Cardiff get a mention for bringing some sunshine to our week…


It’s that time of the week again: we’re on a mission to bring you a big old slice of positivity pie with this week’s positive news stories to smile about! This week, there may even be a couple of stories close to home, as Bristol and Cardiff get a mention for bringing some sunshine to our week…


UWE Bristol’s ECC transformation is underway to fight back against the coronavirus

Work has officially started to convert the Exhibition and Conference Centre (ECC) on Frenchay Campus into a 300-bed temporary hospital. It’s expected the hospital will start treating patients this month is expected to remain operational over the summer period. We thank the NHS staff who are working tirelessly to combat this virus and we’re very proud to be able to help. Read more about this news here.


A family spends six hours getting arty on each brick of their home to provide an #InstaWorthy creation

 A family from Wellington decided to use sticks of jumbo chalk to paint their home as if it was a life-size colouring book. The family of four set to work on the outside of their home, colouring each brick with rainbow chalk until the finished product was too adorable not to take a pic. Their colourful creation has been cheering up the entire neighbourhood – and for that, we salute them.


Shropshire all-star DJ throws popular social distance gig from his driveway

You may not have heard of Steve Chase, but he should be hailed the new Calvin Harris in our eyes because the Shropshire resident decided to deck out a DJ booth from his driveway to entertain local neighbours for the ultimate lockdown gig. Everyone had to stick to their gardens and adhere to social distancing rules, but arguably, that only made the party, even more, we shall say, lit. Although Steve is an absolute hero, we recommend watching the video and looking out for our ultimate stealers-of-the-show, Cedric and Judy.


100-year-old man has his important birthday sung in by social distancing neighbourhood – and the result is beautiful

Gordon Bentley had a big 100th birthday party planned to celebrate his inspiring life, but due to lockdown, the party had to be postponed. But, in a welcome surprise, his neighbourhood came together to sing a big ‘Happy Birthday’ to the World War Two veteran from outside his home. We can confirm the video may have brought a happy tear to our eyes, so maybe have a watch to get that warm, fuzzy feeling.


Matthew McConaughey puts a smile on Texan care home residents’ faces by playing a cracking virtual bingo game with them

A-lister Matthew McConaughey is a firm favourite at a Texan care home, and the staff and residents of The Enclave have been trying to get the star to visit their digs for quite some time. McConaughey decided to pay a visit to cheer up the elderly residents, but to ensure he stuck to social distancing policies, he decided to play a game of virtual bingo with them over video chat. The winning pensioner got the golden prize of being able to ask McConaughey a question about himself. The result is both hilarious and absolutely adorable – and we suggest a watch here.


Jimmy Fallon is back with that #quarantinecontent as he asks Twitter to change movie titles into hilarious quarantine editions

You may remember a couple of positive news stories blogs ago, we reported that Jimmy Fallon was broadcasting his popular TV show from his home, asking viewers to contribute their hilarious #MyQuarantineInSixWords. Well, he’s only gone and done some sweet quarantine content again, by asking Twitter users to #QuarantineAMovie. This hashtag’s definitely worth a read for a good giggle, but we’ve put some of our personal favourites here: ‘Gloves, Actually’; ‘Stay at Home Alone’ – and, the one we reckon we can all most identify with right now: ‘Ferris Bueller’s Year Off’. A quarantine mood.


Dad records his toddler daughter during day of quarantine hilarity – and yes, the video is ADORABLE

One quarantined father took to the video camera to document his day spent attempting to nail the working from home, whilst nailing parenting his young daughter. The result is him trying his very best to be an attentive father, whilst having to focus on the tasks at hand – and his daughter coming out with some absolute one-liners. Have a watch here – you won’t regret it.


The most loyal dog you ever did see delivers everything from post, food and cuddles to his elderly neighbour

Forget humans, the only neighbour we need in our life right now is an adorable doggo companion. A golden retriever from Colorado was set the task by his owner to cheer up his elderly neighbour by helping her receive food and post, and plenty of cuddles. Firstly, the dog’s name is Sundance, which is enough to make us smile. But secondly, he got so famous he was featured on the news – and the video is incredible.


Miss those beer gardens? A virtual pub has been set up so you can indulge in a trip to the pub from your sofa

The Red (On)Lion is an online initiative that’s been set up to help punters support local businesses at this time, indulge in a virtual trip to the pub and meet like-minded strangers over this isolated period. Friends can choose to book a ‘table’, with opportunities to play pub games, get a ticket to virtual events and have a good chinwag over your chosen beverage. Solo attendees can pull up a ‘virtual stool’ to have a good chat with strangers and meet likeminded people. Almost as good as the real thing – and definitely something to maybe hop on over the Easter weekend to celebrate.


Forget Disneyland, Cardiff is the new hotspot for Disney-filled fun as Disney characters take to the streets of the Welsh capital

What a time to be a child (or adult, let’s be honest) in Cardiff – because Disney characters have been turning up outside homes to cheer up families. Adrian Currie (or Walt Disney, as we have now titled him) is founder of a local entertainment company and consulted the police and local council to see if his Disney-themed neighbourhood initiative would be a yes. It was, and he has since been turning up outside the homes of families in Radyr to put a big smile on everyone’s faces.

So, there you have it: a whole host of positive stories to keep you smiling. Please keep in touch over this period, and ensure you’re following us on all our social media @TheSUatUWE. Please note our Advice Centre are on hand to help you with any queries you may have, so please don’t hesitate to contact them by email at advice@uwe.ac.uk.