Rep of the Month and Runner Up February 2023

Congratulations to the Rep of the Month, and the Runner Up!


Congratulations to Louise Hennys for winning Rep of the Month for February 2023!

Louise has been an excellent asset to the whole social work cohort during her time as a Student Rep. This month she has got the balll rolling on an intercourse address of issues by meeting with reps from across the School of Health and Social Wellbeing. Louise has been busy coordinating and supporting all 3 years of the social work course to create a safe platform with upper management to address missed learning and assessments, specifically around industrial action. This includes sharing learning to first years that they have missed. 
The Student Rep who nominated Louise says 'She has been amazing, and worked exceptionally hard to represent and advocate for not just her cohort but everyone. Thank you Louise !!'

Congratulations also to Shannon Bowle for winning Runner Up Rep of the Month February 2023!

Shannon has been supporting hard to reach students in her programme as well as international students. She has been feeding back to her Lead School Rep frequently as well as liasing with other Sustainability School Reps to ensure the allignment of all reps in the School of Architecture and Built Environment. 

Thanks for being such a caring and lovely Student Rep Shannon!


The Reps team had some great nominations this month, if you missed out please don't forget to submit yourself and others for March!