The Students’ Union at UWE and UWE Bristol help students reflect on their drinking habits

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Drink Rethink is a preventative approach helping students to reflect on their drinking, considering the risks associated and the benefits of cutting down.

The intervention is delivered by trained student ambassadors who use a nationally recognised evidence-based behaviour change tool (Identification and Brief Advice - IBA).

We trained 11 students to deliver 2 hours of engagement across Frenchay Campus in February 2022. They engaged 95 students to complete the AUDIT and receive a leaflet specific to their alcohol risk level.

From a students’ participant perspective, after being approached by an ambassador and agreeing to take part, each student completed the three AUDIT-C questions. If a score of more than 4 was reached at this stage, students were then asked the remaining AUDIT questions.

Students were then shown their total AUDIT score followed were given a leaflet tailored according to the AUDIT risk categories of alcohol dependency (low risk, increasing risk, high risk and higher risk/possibly dependent).

Students were also signposted towards welfare and support services at their university for further advice. To evaluate the impact of the intervention, participants were invited to complete online surveys three weeks after completing the initial AUDIT.

Our main findings are as follows:

  • 25% of students said that Drink Rethink made tem change how often they drank alcohol.
  • 63% received information about their alcohol consumption they weren’t aware of previously.
  • 50% are now thinking about changing how they drink alcohol
  • 38% attributed a change in how much they drink to Drink Rethink.

For more alcohol harm reduction information, please visit: