The Students’ Union at UWE wins "The Highest Scoring Students’ Union" Award for Green Impact

2022 Awards announced for Green Impact Students’ Unions – The Students’ Union at UWE comes out on top!

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Green Impact is a sustainability and social responsibility programme run by Students Organising for Sustainability (SOS-UK). Through participating in Green Impact Students’ Unions (GISU), SUs demonstrate how they continue to lead on sustainability initiatives.

The Students' Union at UWE has been awarded Excellent ranking for Green Impact Students’ Union 2021-22. This is the highest level you can achieve.

We are also delighted to announce that The Students’ Union at UWE are the winners of a GISU Special Award for “The Highest Scoring Students’ Union”, for the sixth year in a row!

38 Students’ Unions participated in the programme this year and showed great ambition and commitment for sustainability. GISU gives a framework for organisations to improve their year-on-year sustainability performance, improving policy and partnerships, undertaking campaigns and improving their operations.

Our SOS-UK Auditor said:

“The level and breadth of the work completed at The Students' Union at UWE is extremely impressive. It is clear to see that sustainability is at the heart of everything they do and a key driver in their strategic plan. The work they have done around fashion, period poverty, action on sustainability week and engagement of students this year are great examples of the work you have completed. Congratulations to all involved, your passion shines through.”

Rania Regaieg, the President of The Students’ Union at UWE, commented: ‘I’m so proud to be leading an organisation that proves it takes responsibility to drive forward change in the face of the climate and ecological crisis seriously. We relish making a positive impact on students, the local community and the environment. We would like to thank our students and staff for their passion and hard work to drive forward projects and innovation’


More information on all award winners can be found here.

Why not join our Green Team to get involved in sustainability ere at UWE Bristol?