UWE Bristol and The Students' Union Sign Speak Up Pledge

On Monday 24 October, UWE Bristol and The Students’ Union at UWE collaboratively supported Speak Up Week by signing the Speak Up Pledge


On Monday 24 October, UWE Bristol and The Students’ Union at UWE collaboratively supported Speak Up Week - a joint campaign between The Students’ Union and UWE Bristol - by pledging to:

  1. Learn how to recognise and report racism, discrimination and inappropriate behaviour, call it out if it happens and encourage others to do the same.
  2. Engage in positive and open conversations which celebrate the power of diversity at UWE Bristol, actively seeking out the views of people who have experiences that are different from one’s own.
  3. Reflect on own behaviours and do everything one can through everyday actions to help create a safe environment for everyone in the community.

VC Steve West and President Rania Regaieg sign the Speak Up Pledge for UWE Bristol and The Students' Union

The Speak Up pledge originated from a critical need to acknowledge the struggles that students experience, in particular students from disadvantaged and underrepresented backgrounds, and recognises that holding a position isn’t enough and must translate into visible and deliberate action.

Professor West signed the document at the event, which was also attended by other stakeholders from the University and students. He said: “Creating a university culture that nourishes diversity, equality and inclusion underpins the University’s core values and signing the pledge came as a powerful symbol that the University and The Students’ Union collaboratively commit to tackle racism, discrimination, and inappropriate behaviour and reaffirm that together, we are #TeamUWE.”

Rania Regaieg, President of The Students’ Union at UWE and Chair of the Board of Trustees, said: “I am very proud to be launching the Speak Up week campaign. As someone who has faced many forms of discrimination, it is important to me to have the University’s support in signing this pledge, and in doing so committing to speaking up against racism and all forms of discrimination to build an inclusive community at UWE Bristol.”