Virtual Comedy Show

Tuesday 19 January, we are hosting another virtual comedy night exclusively for UWE students! Comedians include Jarred Christmas, Keith Farnan, and Nathan Caton.


On Wednesday 16 December, the Halls Life Team and I set up a virtual comedy night, which was organised by the Pop-up Comedy Team who were magnificent at the show. We had Damian Clark who hosted the show and made sure everyone was happy and smiling. The show started 15 minutes late as we waited for people to come into the virtual room.


At 20:15, the show started with Mary Bourke as our first comedian, unfortunately, we couldn’t see Mary camera was turned off due to technical issues, but she was great. Right after, we had Andrew Ryan as our next comedian of the night, he was fabulous and funny as we could see him act out his jokes. His performance with different gestures and expressions left a big smile on people’s faces.


To close for the night, we had our moderator Damian Clark come back for some final laughs, and we then had a chance to network and have some interesting conversations. It was indeed a funny show.


This time, on Tuesday 19 January, we are bringing twice the heat and you don’t want to miss this! We have new comedians lined up, which include Jarred Christmas, Keith Farnan, and Nathan Caton


You can sign up for the event either on our website or on Facebook. If you’re attending the event please do share the Facebook event page, so we can get all the reach!