What to pack for university

If you’re struggling to decide on what to bring with you, check out our list of what to pack.


Right, you’ve got your place at UWE Bristol and you’re probably starting to think about whether 27 mugs is too many and if packing that drum from your gap year in Thailand is a good use of space.

If you’re struggling to decide on what to bring with you, check out our list of what to pack.

What to pack

  • Items to help personalise your room. We’re talking fairy lights, photos of friends and family, little nik naks, plants, anything that helps to make it feel homely.
  • Your childhood teddy bear. They’ve been there since day one, and no one will take the mickey out of it because let’s face it, Elly Belly from Love Island has given them a new lease of life.
  • Slippers - floors in communal areas may not always be clean.
  • A dressing gown, because who doesn’t love a dressing gown!
  • Bedding, a duvet cover, blankets and lots of pillows.
  • Coat hangers, a washing basket and a clothes horse.
  • Chargers for your phone, laptop, tablet, electric toothbrush - the lot! We would recommend taking multiple because we are 99.99% sure they may wander off at some point.
  • A doorstop, keep your door open when you’re happy for people to pop in for a chat, it will break down barriers and help you get to know your housemates.
  • Some treats to share with your new housemates, everyone bonds over a cheeky biscuit!
  • Any random bits of clothing that you have. Ties, hats, face paints, your grandad’s old braces. You never know when a random fancy dress night will spring up.
  • Earplugs.
  • A fab mug.
  • White Tack for putting up photos and posters, don’t risk using Blu Tack and losing that deposit.
  • A pair of shoes for nights out, don’t ruin your favourite pair of shoes, because we can confirm you will not get over it!
  • Speakers, films and if you’ve got one your Netflix’s password.
  • Tupperware, because you will be meal prepping before you know it.
  • Pans, chopping boards, plates, cutlery, bowls.
  • Baking trays, scissors, tin foil, cling film.
  • And, of course, tea bags!

What not to pack

  • All your clothes at once! If you can, leave your seasonal clothes at home, this will save a load of space.
  • All of your notes from A-Levels, realistically, you’re not going to look at them. Just take the ones that you really think you’ll need.
  • And, we mentioned it earlier, but leave the drum from Thailand.