What’s the real cost of Nitrous Oxide?

If you choose to use N2O or any other illegal drug then doing your own research is essential to keeping safe.


What’s the cost to your health?

If you choose to use N2O or any other illegal drug then doing your own research is essential to keeping safe.

Drug Science is the only completely independent, science-led drugs charity, uniquely bringing together leading drugs experts from a wide range of specialisms to carry out ground-breaking research into drug harms and effects.

Alternatively if you’d like to speak to a professional about your drugs including alcohol use, you can contact the Wellbeing Service and ask for a drug and alcohol appointment with DHI .

What’s the cost on our planet?

Sadly, N2O canisters are dumped in streets, car parks and children’s play areas as if they will dissolve in the rain, which clearly, they won’t. Cannisters roll down into the drainage system causing them to clog, or are trodden in onto the grass creating a legacy of that 30-second-high to be found in years to come!

There is no question about it, discarded canisters and balloons are having a negative impact on our environment, but how, exactly?

Most balloons are made of latex which is made from rubber plant, this means it will biodegradeeventually! But this process can take at least 4 years in the right conditions, and in the meantime, these balloons pose a threat to willdlife, mistaking fragments for food or even getting caught up in debris.

The recommended way to dispose of a latex balloon is to compost, this gives them an opportunity to biodegrade quickly and prevents them getting into the sewers or general waste.

As for the canisters, well, they are actually 100% steel which is a really easy metal to recycle!
Local curb side recycling collections don’t accept them… but both recycling centres in Bristol and South Gloucestershire do.

All you need to do is register with you local recycling plant and take a trip to drop off your canisters… be aware that may need to book an appointment.

It could cost you your accommodation!

N2O is not permitted in University Halls of Residence under the Accommodation Policy on Drugs and Anti-Social Behaviour. Anyone found with NOS in Accommodation is subject to disciplinary action.
For more information please visit;
Behaviour management in accommodation - Residents guide | UWE Bristol


Other Accommodation providers will have their own policy around the use of N2O.
Please check with your Accommodation provider to find out more about their policies.