Your pre-drink guide!

There is a common misconception that actually going out is the best part of a night out, when it turns out that ‘pres’ are definitely the best part. Here's the science to the perfect pre-drinks!


There is a common misconception that actually going out is the best part of a night out, when it turns out that ‘pres’ are definitely the best part. There is a perfect science to holding the best pre-drinks: finding the perfect balance between not being merry enough to throw your best shapes on the dancefloor, to peaking too early and taking it a little too far (we’ve all been there).

The number one rule: don't rush! 

Make sure you’ve got enough time to have food before you pre away. I know playing host can be stressful and you have to not only get the house ready, but also sort your outfit out. But don’t make the mistake of drinking on an empty stomach! Eating ISN’T cheating, and will definitely save you from getting too drunk too early. Having a nice greasy meal before drinking will help to line the walls of your stomach, meaning that you’ll be less likely to wake up with a splitting headache the next day (winner).

Make sure you have enough time to get ready 

Getting ready with your housemates can be the most fun part of the night, but make sure you leave enough time to actually do it - especially if you know you're the kind of person to try on 100 different outfits. The last thing you want is to turn up to pre-drinks an hour late and have to 'catch up' with everyone else who are all well on their way to being drunk (it's always a recipe for disaster)!

Guest list 

Now, deciding who to invite can be one of the biggest stresses of being the host of pre-drinks. Keep it simple: just invite your closest mates- people you know- so you’re not made to feel awkward in your own home. No one needs randoms wandering round their house, helping themselves to drink that isn’t theirs.

Choosing what to eat 

As we’ve already mentioned, eating isn’t cheating, and you’ll be the hostess with the mostess if you provide the snacks for pre-drinks.


It’s not about who can neck the dirty pint (because let’s be honest, no one actually wants to drink it). Play fun games to get everyone involved! If the conversation is flowing and everyone seems to be getting on fine by themselves, then maybe chill out and put the cards down. Drinking games are fun for first week, because they help you get to know everyone. But when it gets to 2nd term, you’ll want to cry every time you hear someone shout: “why don’t we play ring of fire?”.

It's not a race - drink at your own pace 

Finish your drink too quickly and you'll feel pressured to get another. Instead, make your drink (and your night) last longer. Chat, sip, snack, drink water, get some fresh air and chat some more. Turning down a drink is much less embarrassing than throwing one up.

Take squad pics 

Did it even happen if you didn’t Instagram it? You’ve just spent an hour and a half getting ready- make sure you document it with every single pic you could possibly get with your best mates!