Positive news stories to smile about right now

We’re on a weekly mission to bring the week’s positive news stories your way. This week, we saw a demand for the cancellation of April Fool’s (not the worst idea) and the Fools that did find their way into our news feeds were a lot more of a wholesome giggle than usual.


We’re on a weekly mission to bring the week’s positive news stories your way, so we can have a good giggle and grin about some lovely things that are appearing in these strange times. This week, we saw a demand for the cancellation of April Fool’s (not the worst idea) and the Fools that did find their way into our news feeds were a lot more of a wholesome giggle than usual.

So, we’ve compiled ten of this week’s most positive stories for you – and there’s even one April Fool in the midst. Try and work out which it is (we were sad to find out it wasn’t true, as well!)


Uber unveils new taxi-driver system, with cars driven by a special breed of dog

Businesses across the globe are unfortunately suffering due to the pandemic, but one positive to come out of this is that entrepreneurs are looking at innovative ways to continue to attract customers over this challenging period.

Uber is one of many to have completely shifted their business plan and staffing network, and it’s been reported that they’re days away from launching UberArf, a canine-friendly arm of their taxi service. Dogs are being deployed to drive taxis and will receive a wage of ‘four treats and three belly rubs per hour’. Click here to read the full announcement.


Mountain goats take over a town in Wales

A squad of mountain goats who normally live on the Great Orme, took to the empty street of Llandudno earlier this week to give residents a Tuesday morning that they will never forget.

It is thought that the emptiness of the town attracted the goats to see popular tourist resort, as they decided to make the most of the low season and hit the sites. We would recommend googling this right now, and if you’re anything like us, you will probably watch this on a continuous loop about 68 times.


British man runs a half marathon… on his apartment’s balcony

Sam Hustler was training before the pandemic hit the UK to complete the London Landmarks Half Marathon – but then lockdown hit, and he didn’t want to waste that training or his desire to raise money for charity. So, he completed the 13-mile absolute journey from his home’s small balcony for charity, doing 5,000 ‘laps’ of the tiny area.


School kids create a weekly music video to keep things social and positive

This video needs to be a must-watch. A class at Gotha Middle School usually creates weekly music videos, under the strict instructions of their teacher, to keep the fun times rolling. Now with schools shut, their weekly starring roles threatened to be no more, but the class came together virtually to each record a section of a new video together. Not only is it adorable, but our actual star of the show has to be the kid dressed as a taco, with a sombrero on his head, whilst he hand sanitises. It makes no sense – but that’s the beauty of it all. Have a watch and a giggle now.


Who needs Tinder when NYC man woos his neighbour via quarantine drone flight?!

Jeremy Cohen is now virtually dating his neighbour after using a drone flight to give her his phone number in what perhaps could be called the grandest romantic gesture of the quarantine age. Forget Romeo and Juliet, these are star-crossed lovers who have still found a way to be together thanks to the overwhelming power of love. His reasoning to commit such a romantic gesture?! “During this quarantine, I think everyone is fiending for social interaction. I was like, ‘Oh my God, a girl. I haven’t seen one for so long.” As we said, romantic…


Spanish resident innovatively shares a beer with isolated neighbours… without breaking quarantine rules

We get it. You’re thinking this one’s the April Fool’s. He must have knocked on their door, offered them a drink, thereby breaking self-isolation and social distancing rules in one fell swoop. But no, this one’s an incredible feat. A Spanish local offered his drink to neighbours on two balconies below his, by literally tipping his bottle into the air, sending a waterfall of beer down to the residents below. They then outstretched their arms with their empty cups, catching the drink as it fell. We’ve always said teamwork makes the dream work. Watch the hilarious video here.


Zoom proves more than just a virtual pub quiz host, as couple tie the knot in lockdown video chat

Ben Jackson and Sophie Austin couldn’t tie the knot at their 28 March planned wedding, so instead of having a lockdown cry and comfort eating their entire wedding cake, they took the lockdown challenge into their own hands and instead gathered their nearest and dearest virtually to take part in the ceremony via Zoom video chat. Over 300 people joined to watch the happy couple say their vows, followed by jealously watching the couple dig into their delicious wedding cake. Read more about this and more positive lockdown stories here.


UK sisters start ‘good news’ newsletter

Two sisters from Northamptonshire have started a ‘good news’ newsletter to share positive stories during the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve been featured on local BBC radio, have had well-wishers from across the globe get in contact to thank them for their work, and have been spreading the joy every single day through their daily round-up newsletters. Read more and sign up to it here.


Stockport superheroes on a mission to cheer up the Greater Manchester area

Kids in the Stockport area are having their days brightened thanks to some special individuals doing everything they can to keep children happy over this challenging period. A mysterious ‘Stockport Spiderman’ is going out on his daily walk to different areas, passing residents’ windows and giving a wave to kids who are waiting to see him.

Residents can request that the Stockport Spidey come and pay their house a socially-distant visit, and children are eagerly awaiting his arrival dressed in Spiderman pyjamas and merch. To add to this joyous initiative, one home in Stockport has taken it upon themselves to dress some giant cuddly bears outside their house every day with new costumes to delight passers-by. A recent favourite of ours has been the two bears doing their daily chores with a vacuum and an ironing board. Read more here.


Special gift connects care home residents with family and friends over this challenging period

A couple in Cornwall have donated a smartphone to a nearby care home to help residents through this isolation period. Elderly residents are being introduced to the clever invention of the video chat, which is keeping many of us sane throughout isolation. They’re being able to connect with family and friends in a whole new way, and it’s bringing a big smile to their faces.


Dolly Parton becomes our hero for the second time in the space of a few months by donating to coronavirus research

She became our hero back when #TheDollyPartonChallenge brought utter joy to our lives a few months ago – and now she’s back to do more for the greater good. Dolly Parton has donated a whopping $1 million dollars to support important coronavirus research over this period. So, we have even more to thank Dolly for than just working 9-5 and social media challenges and we’re very happy about this.

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