Our top tips for a sustainable festive season!

Christmas is coming… T minus 14 days. Whether you’re a forward planner or a last-minute shopper, check our top tips on enjoying the festive season in a sustainable way, that won’t cost the earth!

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A person in an Christmas jumper, holding a present, the present is wrapped in brown kraft paper and

Christmas is coming… T minus 14 days. Whether you’re a forward planner or a last-minute shopper, check our top tips on enjoying the festive season in a sustainable way, that won’t cost the earth!

It’s the thought that counts 

The most thoughtful gifts are the ones our loved ones will remember most fondly, don’t be pressured into spending lots for the sake of it. Memories, experiences or homemade gifts are the best in our opinion. You don’t have to spend a lot to give a lot!

Save Money Secret Santa

Do you have a large family or friendship Group? Secret Santa is a great way to save money, rather than buying multiple presents, you buy, make or create just one, it can be personalised or more tailored. This free website can help you organise yours.

Get crafty 

Learn a new craft or get your hands dirty in the kitchen- do you crochet, knit or sew? Could you gift an item you’ve made rather than purchasing something? Perhaps you are great at baking and could gift some edible makes. If you not much of a baker, these 3 ingredient Chocolate Truffles are a hit and fool proof- even for a novice!

Let’s not get Physical!

Gifts don’t have to be tangible- could you spend your money on an experience, or a day out to make memories than buy a tangible gift? Vouchers are often a great alternative if you want to purchase something but aren’t quite sure what.

To glitter or not to glitter?!

Most glitter that’s on your fancy wrapping paper & gift bags is made from plastic, this means it’s not accepted by many recycling provider and usually ends up at landfill, introducing micro-plastics to the earth, instead opt for Kraft paper- that you can decorate to with biodegradable paint or pens or swap to cloth wraps- you don’t need to purchase expensive wraps- instead reuse olds scarves, bandannas or scrap material. Check out how to knot wrap your presents in style from LUSH or join or Buildings team for our sustainable wrapping workshops.

Shop Local

Avoid buying from corporate institutions like Amazon, opt for small and local businesses if you can. If you want to find out why Amazon are truly the worst, check out our article here. Amazon has a bad reputation for poor treatment and exploitation of its workers, offering low wages and intense bio-surveillance, not to mention their poor waste disposal and tax avoidance?!

Paper is the new plastic

Ditch the plastic- from tree decorations and tinsel, the plastic in these items are called Brittle plastics- meaning when they inevitably break- they shatter and break into tiny pieces, contaminating the landfill they end up at! Opt for natural, sustainable sourced decorations- you can even make your own, think popcorn garland, paper hearts, orange slices and fabric bunting. Sustainability doesn’t have to cost the earth or your pocket. Painted acorns. Popcorn Garland Paper Hearts


Still got that Lynx Africa gift pack from Aunt Susan under your bed? Consider re-gifting items where appropriate, if it’s not your bag consider donating to a foodbank or collection instead of throwing it out. One person’s trash is another’s treasure and Cousin Steve could really do with that Lynx set. Your local collection or foodbank donation point can be found here.

Second hand is savvy

Shopping second hand for presents is super savvy, many second items still have a lot of life left in them, once washed and folded neatly, an charity shop jumper will look good as new, you may want to consider personalising an item to make it unique, our visible mending workshops can help you embroider or apply a patch, to make your item pop!

Rent your Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree can bring happiness to your home this year but over 8 million trees end up in landfill each New Year, costing £22 Million. Either opt for a sustainably sourced faux tree, potted trees or rent a tree through the many schemes across the country.

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