The Students' Unions to have sanitary product donation points for distribution to homeless/refugee/asylum seeking women

Extra Information: 

Women in the above situations either sacrifice money that they cannot afford or are forced to use unhygienic and degrading methods of dealing with menstruation.

Packs of sanitary products can cost as little as £1. Providing collection points would allow students to contribute to women in need in the local community, in a tangible way. A similar scheme has been set up by the Women's Society at Bristol University.

Actions Taken

  • This idea opened on Monday 8th May 2017 and closed for voting on Monday 29th May 2017.
  • This Idea has conditionally passed. Work will start on this Idea unless it is vetoed by 50%+1 of the Student Council Meeting.
  • November 2017: Student Council agreed to pass this Idea. This Idea has been sent to The Executive for work to begin.
  • Janaury 2018: This is an initiaitve that the SU is already doing with but it will be re-launched to help increase engagement.  
  • April 2021: The SU are looking to bring this project back or find a sustainable alternative.


Lesley Carlisle
6:27pm on 18 May 17 Great idea to benefit those vulnerable in our local communities.
Helen Todd
10:29am on 18 May 17 Small idea, big difference
Helen Todd
10:28am on 18 May 17 Bleedin' great idea
Helen Fox
6:54am on 18 May 17 Fantastic idea!
Sara Morgan
11:33pm on 17 May 17 Great idea....if you need a hand with practicalities let me know, I'd be happy to help.
Natalie Sallis
7:25pm on 17 May 17 A very considerate idea, and pleased it is being promoted. I would be glad to support.
Holly Pulham
7:20pm on 17 May 17 A great idea. I know that when I'm choosing a sanitary product I have to take a few things into consideration i.e. flow type, comfort, clothing types, allergies etc. Is there some way we can get requests from people beforehand so that we can make appropriate purchases?
Amy Hardie
7pm on 17 May 17 Such an important, fantastic idea.
Simone Davis
6:58pm on 17 May 17 Such an important issue which could otherwise be brushed under the carpet.
Rebecca Matthews
11:41am on 15 May 17 Also looking for volunteers to help me distribute in Bristol soon, email me if you're interested
Rebecca Matthews
11:39am on 15 May 17 Check out my project Lunar Bag , which is essentially aiming to do this within Bristol! Email :
Victoria Eadie
5:39pm on 10 May 17 Fantastic idea! Such an important cause and this is a simple way for students to contribute to their wider community
Amy Fisher
8:50pm on 9 May 17 This is so important! Would be great to see UWE making these issues more visible and offer an easy way for students to contribute!
Kathryn Guy
9:51am on 9 May 17 Yep necessary product that women need to buy but can't afford - great idea
Lydia Giannetti
7:57am on 9 May 17 It would be an easy and valuable way for students to contribute to the wellbeing of people in the local area.
Pamela Iyer
2:22pm on 8 May 17 Amazing idea, we should definitely do this
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