Lobby Accommodation Services to provide laundry services for free

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Students pay a lot for their rent, they shouldn't have to pay for laundry on top.


Bills are meant to be included - this should include laundry.

Actions Taken

  • This Idea opened on 2nd October 2017 and closed for voting on 23rd October 2017.
  • This Idea has passed. The SU will begin work on making this Idea a reality as soon as possible.

  • April 2021: The President has passed this onto the director of Estates and Facilities, and they will be looking into once the pandemic is no longer affecting normal operations.


Awen Jones
3:47am on 20 Oct 17 Hygiene is a necessity for everyone and having to pay so much for just one wash and dry takes a lot as my loan doesnt even cover the cost of accommodation so paying for laundry on top of that makes it very hard.
Nico Cadby
6:09pm on 19 Oct 17 I understand maybe having it free is a bit of a stretch. However £4 for a wash and dry when there are colours, whites and darks is a joke. That's £12 a week on washing. I don't have that kind of money spare.
Jessica Heasman
2:51pm on 19 Oct 17 The laundry services need an income to keep the machines working, so I think that instead of them being free they should just be cheaper. £2.30 per wash and £1.30 per dry is ridiculously expensive.
Hannah Thomas
2:22pm on 19 Oct 17 Bills (water, electricity etc) are included in our rent, so what exactly does the £2.30 per wash go towards?? Sort it out mate
Kurtis Maslen-Riches
12:41pm on 19 Oct 17 Would be nice to have free laundry however that would mean a new laundry system which would be a large investment, however it is disgusting how much we pay for such a poor system, Circuit laundry either need to make it ALOT cheaper or UWE differentiates from most unis and gets a new, free system.
Sydney Lee
6:47pm on 18 Oct 17 circuit is shit
Ellie Dunstan
1:42pm on 11 Oct 17 2 years ago laundry was included in the rent. It's unbelievable that they have not only increased the cost of rent each year, but also started charging for laundry
Paul Rathbone
10:53pm on 8 Oct 17 I'm taking Circuit (JLA Ltd) who manage the machines to the Small Claims Court because their app took money from my account without them providing me with the service. Their customer services even had the cheek to tell me it was my fault! I keep speaking to other students who have had the same experience. I can't help but wonder - is their service contract with UWE so financially constrained that they have to resort to stealing from us?
Drew Mayhew
3:32pm on 8 Oct 17 2.30 for a single wash, plus the expenses for detergent is pretty expensive for a student,especially when we could be spending that money on food or resources, free laundry would be extremely helpful
Jemma Pope
4:50pm on 5 Oct 17 100% agree. Not as if we're already paying over 9 grand a year.
Dur Mallah
2:01pm on 4 Oct 17 The laundry system is actually quite complicated and frustrating, not just the costs are high for a newbie if they don't have a bank account they cant do their laundries, I'm an international and have been accumulating my clothes since i wont be getting my bank account and card until mid October. And then if you look at the cost, its too much specially when you have to bring your own detergents.
Sophie Fletcher
1:58pm on 4 Oct 17 £2.30 is way too much especially when we have to provide our own powder and clothes conditioner. Especially when we have to do 2-3 washes per week. My loan doesn't cover my accommodation so am struggling to find money for laundry!
Toby Smith
1:08pm on 4 Oct 17 Laundry is expensive even more so if you have lots of clothes this should be avalible at either a much lower price or no cost at all
Lloyd Hanson
12:23pm on 4 Oct 17 one wash it not worth £2.30 especially when I have to put 3 washes on to get all my clothes clean, plus drying
Jordan Lorence
12:02pm on 4 Oct 17 as a student who's entire loan doesn't come close to covering the cost of accommodation for the year I literally cannot afford to pay to wash and dry my clothes, especially at the extortionate prices we are being charged. Hygiene is a necessity, not a luxury we should have to pay for.
Hannah Armson
11:51am on 4 Oct 17 At least £5 credit a week would be nice. Or one free wash and dry a week
Bandana Kaur Raju
11:32am on 4 Oct 17 When I seen the price for washing and drying I was shocked. It’s uneccesary to charge that much, especially for students who have to pay stupid prices for a room!
Melissa Heybourn
11:28am on 4 Oct 17 With how much we pay for rent, laundry should be included. At £2.30 a wash, and £1.30 for a dry (which doesn't even dry that well) and assuming you stay for the duration of our contracts (42 weeks) and keep it to 1 wash a week, it costs £151.20 to do our laundry for the year. And that excludes detergent, separate washes (for your whites/colours/ bed linen), so the cost would be even more than that. That could buy my semester's worth of textbook... #justsayin
Alexandra Cochran
9:58pm on 3 Oct 17 Honestly it should be included. We pay for water and electricity so washing should cover that. If i have to was jumpers its like £10 (not including detergent) and that’s insane.
Conor Kirk
5:08pm on 3 Oct 17 100% Agree with this as we have to use our own detergent as well which is dead expensive also.
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