Increase the quantity and variety of vegan food options sold in all SU shops and bars

Extra Information: Currently there is a lack of adequate vegan options; students with this dietary request have insisted on better choices and the SU should provide these.

Actions Taken

  • This Idea opened on 2nd October 2017 and closed for voting on 23rd October 2017.
  • This Idea has conditionally passed. Work will start on this Idea unless it is vetoed by 50%+1 of the Student Council Meeting on 28 Nov 2017. Click here for more info

  • November 2017: Student Council agreed to pass this Idea. This Idea has been sent to The Executive for work to begin.

  • January 2018: The SU is to look at working with the Vegan Society as currently our largest waste for the bar is on vegan food. A range developed with the society will hopefully drive engagement and satisfaction.


Curtis Wiseman
7:53pm on 30 Apr 18 Even the vegetarian options are severely limited, I can't begin to imagine how dire the vegan situation is. Many of the existing options can be made vegan with simple ingredient substitutions, the only barrier is peoples' unwillingness to change the status quo.
Dudley Dawes
12:19pm on 30 Apr 18 Adding vegan options will not take away the selection for non-vegan students but give vegan students and meat eaters alternative meals which they can feel good about buying. If there can be a hot dog/ burger section in the SU shop. We can give the same respect to those who don't eat meat by having more option and more of those options. Non-vegans also eat vegan options as they're tasty !!
Maximilian Rubens
12:53pm on 19 Oct 17 Vegan food will cater to a tiny minority of students.
Sydney Lee
6:45pm on 18 Oct 17 and not to rip students off just because it's vegan
Yung Ng
11:48am on 11 Oct 17 I do find there to be really little option for vegans. Some vegan curry would be such a great addition on the menu. I'd love to provide.
Ceri Jones
5:07pm on 7 Oct 17 More vegan options would be great. I keep purchasing the same sandwiches time and time again, so more of a variety would be great. They don't have to be just for vegans either, vegan food is just as tasty, and can appeal to anyone!
Nicholas Appleton
11:06pm on 4 Oct 17 The falafel wrap in the SU bar is so dissapointing. You know, you can put more than just falafel in a falafel wrap.
John Wyatt
12:18pm on 4 Oct 17 Point of Information : There is a similarly SU policy which has already been passed on 19/11/2015 which has already ask the SU President to look on to this
Vienna de Temple
3:33pm on 3 Oct 17 Vegan cheese and vegan meat selections in sandwiches/wraps or with hot food would really put uwe above other universities!
Alys Welch
1:19pm on 3 Oct 17 vegan hot food options at bower that isn't just chips and beans or something similar would be great!
Sylvie Whitfield
12:31pm on 3 Oct 17 The houmous wrap at bower is a little bit sad :( by making all the vegetarian food vegan you would suit everyone's needs!
Danai Laou
12:20pm on 3 Oct 17 I love falafels but that can't be the only option.
Maria Neill
12:14pm on 3 Oct 17 Tofurkey or violife sandwiches etc would be great. Also vegan pizza!
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