The Students' Union should introduce recyclable and reusable polyethylene bags in the SU shops at the price of 10p

Extra Information: This will both ensure that the environment is protected and that students have affordable, and reusable options for bags when shopping in the SU shop. 

Actions Taken

  • This Idea opened on 31st October 2017 and closed for voting on 21st November 2017.
  • Not enough students have voted on this Idea. This Idea has failed.


Aleksandra Michalec
4:22pm on 17 Nov 17 I agree, we should follow what is already happening in the rest of the country - charge for single use plastic and offer better alternatives
William Bates
2:29am on 10 Nov 17 John - the point of this is to overturn the SU policy. That is what this page is for....
John Wyatt
12:46pm on 7 Nov 17 Point of Information : There is a current apposing SU policy on this matter
William Bates
10:55am on 31 Oct 17 I fully support this plan which will both protect the environment and ensure that students can afford to use a bag from the SU shop.
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