For UWE to have a Winter (Christmas) Ball

Extra Information: So many Universities have Freshers Balls where students dress up formally and go for a classy night out! I feel this would be a lovely way to celebrate the end of term and give people the chance to get dressy!

Actions Taken

  • This Idea opened on 13th November 2017 and closed for voting on 04th December 2017.
  • Not enough students have voted on this Idea. This Idea has failed.


Callum Tucker
1:06pm on 14 Nov 17 Feel free to join UWE Law Society as we do a Winter Ball. The Law Society is open to everyone on every course. The Society provides oppotunities which are not just law related, as a majority of students will not go into law. Further to this we have two balls a year and many social events, which you could come along too.
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