Lobby the University to use standard referencing and stop using UWE Harvard

Extra Information: We are asked to reference using the UWE Harvard style, but as this is only used at the university, it will not be applicable or useful for our future careers. We need to be taught standardised and recognised referencing procedures used in the real world. Using UWE Harvard doesn't make sense.

Actions Taken

  • This Idea opened on 29th November 2017 and closed for voting on 20th December 2017.
  • This Idea scored a 3rd which means it's not a priority for the time being.


Neil Bastiman
2:34pm on 18 Dec 17 The version of Harvard used in MS Word isn't the same as UWE Harvard however this isn't a problem because there is available software that you can add to Word that does support UWE Harvard. I won't name it here but a Google search will find it for you.
Nina Higson-Sweeney
3:21pm on 9 Dec 17 Reading the comments, it seems that a lot of people are worried about something like this being implemented immediately, when that wouldn’t be the case. Changing the referencing style would be a big change for everyone involved, so I’m sure that the university would obviously make it so that only new students are affected. This is an idea that would help future students, not us. I think that’s an important thing to keep in mind when voting for a change like this.
Sadie Scullion
1:51pm on 8 Dec 17 This must not affect current students! To implement a brand new referencing system after years of learning UWE Harvard would unnecessarily penalise students. If this takes place it should start in September and only affect first years. Also this would make marking much harder for lecturers and would run the risk of people losing marks over the confusion.
Siobhan Whitworth
10:43am on 8 Dec 17 Strongly disagree. We have enough on our shoulders keeping up with studying etc. Let’s not make it more complicated by introducing a new way of referencing. Also, I prefer UWE Harvard over the other formats I’ve seen.
Philip McAllister
12:50am on 8 Dec 17 Another pointless action that the student council will argue over and take years to make a decision upon?
Jack Fifield
9:53pm on 7 Dec 17 Strongly agreed, transition to something like the existing Harvard system to avoid confusion.
Matthew Truman-Smith
7:58pm on 7 Dec 17 This is uneccessary and will create confusion for students who are familiar with the UWE Harvard standard. I strongly feel that any transition to a new standard should be appropriately staggered so to not jeopardise existing students success.
Alexander Stopher
7:45pm on 7 Dec 17 Is using Microsoft Word's built-in referencing feature and setting it to "Harvard" really that difficult? I strongly disagree because (assuming you have good enough computer skills to use the Referencing feature in Word) it's a non-issue.
Henry Pollard
3:57pm on 5 Dec 17 why would we reference in a style different than the standard used and recognised everywhere else
Bethany Jackson
2:41pm on 5 Dec 17 I agree however, I think this might be quite disruptive to current students to change the style of referencing.
Hasina Ghani
1:58pm on 5 Dec 17 What do you mean by 'standard referencing'?
Frederick Gough
11:53am on 5 Dec 17 What exactly does the motion mean by "standard referencing"? I've encountered several different referencing formats before so I'm not aware of a universal standard format, plus Harvard is my favourite from the ones that I have used.
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