Fly the England flag on St George's Day on the SU flag pole

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St Patrick's Day has become a global phenomenon, with people all around the world celebrating it. It serves as a unifying force in Ireland and let's be honest, it's a good laugh.


I therefore feel it is regrettable that St George's Day does not have even close to the same status as a celebration. Not only is it an essential part of English identity, but it is also a great opportunity to show off English culture to any international students studying at UWE.


It will cost the SU basically nothing to implement and it just seems like a cultural event that is worth recognizing.

Actions Taken

  • This Idea opened on 05th April 2018 and closed for voting on 26th April 2018.
  • Not enough students have voted on this Idea. This Idea has failed.


Maximilian Rubens
9:51pm on 10 Apr 18 yes please. England doesn't get nearly enough representation in the UK!
Aleksandra Michalec
3:32pm on 10 Apr 18 Any celebration of English history and culture would have to be accompanied with a serious discussion of the British historical legacy, which sadly isn't a cause for a "good laugh".
Hasina Ghani
1pm on 10 Apr 18 We need to take back the flag from the racist fringe and its association with such. I'm proud to fly the Welsh flag but the flag of St George reminds me of Biffers.
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