The Students' Union to operate or lobby the University to operate another bar on Frenchay campus

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  • This Idea opened on 05th April 2018 and closed for voting on 26th April 2018.
  • Not enough students have voted on this Idea. This Idea has failed.


Talek Semmens
1:15pm on 10 Apr 18 The new SU bar was a grave mistake. The only issue with the old SU was that it wasn't big enough. The solution: downsize - which was quite fortuitous seeing as very few people use it for events now, which is a shame because as an event venue, it has potential, but it requires a bit of a rethink. Unfortunately, it's too small to function as a club and too sterile and devoid of character to be a pleasant place to drink. The old SU was perfect and much better located for all of this, but that ship has sailed. To the business of a new bar, in my opinion, an important additional to the thriving Frenchay Campus: a new bar that is more cosy and pleasant than the current one, sofas and tables, a pool table, a dart board perhaps, far fewer televisions, maybe some guitar amps for people to come in and play their own music, somewhere more akin to the SU at Glenside, to offer students an alternative to the soulless sterility of the current SU bar. It could perhaps be attached to the halls of residence to provide those living there with more of a community hub in which to socialise, obviously still open to other students, but to offer an incentive to meet and socialise with neighbours and encourage more halls based activities. This feature has been implemented at other universities and has worked wonders. Finally, somewhere that appreciates and bothers to play Hub Radio, since the current SU won't event play their OWN radio station, and instead opt for some utter garbage on MTV! TLDR: new bar at Frenchay is unpleasant and not fit for purpose, so a new, alternative bar would be a fantastic addition to campus life.
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